I got new shades!!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    just got some new sunglasses and I wanted to share with you all! :yahoo: since a lot people tend to have chanels, diors, or guccis:rolleyes: ...I wanted to get Fendis! :wlae: I love em they're so comfortable and I got them with perscription lenses too! now I have to get a fendi bag to match!! thanks for looking!:tender:

  2. Congrats!
  3. Ooo:huh: I love those!!!! Congrats - you made a great purchase!
  4. thanks ladies!!!
  5. Very cute! Congrats
  6. Those are really cute! Congratulations on your purchase. I fell in love with some Fendi sunglasses the other day, but I wasn't sure if I should save up for them because I already own some D&G's. Do you know if they hold up well?
  7. I love these shades...they are my first designer pair and I can already tell how good they are in quality..I highly recommend!!
  8. Soo cute! COngrats! Seeing these is inspiring me to break my Fendi sunnies out tomorrow!
  9. Those are lovely!!! Thank you for sharing.:smile:
  10. love them!
  11. sexy...