I got new goodys over the weekend!

  1. I'm at work right now so no pics but I'm still gushing over my new coach items! It was the second time I've been to an actual coach store and it was sooo cool. I JUST got my Legacy Coinpurse Wristlet and all the SA's were oohing over it, hehe! So I went specifically to get a pair of sunglasses that look good on my weird head. After about 30 minutes of taking over the sunglasses section I picked the Peony's in Tortoise! They're soooo cute and classy. So she went back to get it and I found out the show pair was the only one they had! I could have ordered it but I wanted them right away so she let me have the store pair. They were in great condition, no scratches so why not! Then I saw the small stripe cosmetic case in punch on display and I HAD to get it. lol so she goes back AGAIN and that's the only one they have so I get that one too. XD Augh I wasn't too much of a stripe fan until I saw the cosmetic case. It's SOOO CUTE! And that damn Pink Legacy Shoulder is STILL on display taunting me with it's adorable-ness! No, Candy, you have it in Whiskey. Be a good girl! :crybaby:

  2. Congrats Candy on you new buys, Enjoy them they are lovely! I love the quote "taunting me with it's adorable-ness! No.......be a good girl"

    That's cute, I look forward to using it and i'll report if it works or not ;)
  3. Congrats! I love their sunnies! So cute! I managed to snag a pair from Nordstrom Rack but they rarely have the really cute ones.
  4. great buys . . . now I want a Pink Legacy Shoulder (and I have it in signature w/black trim!).
  5. Congrats on your stuff - it all sounds so pretty (speaking of which, I LOVE your hair)!

    No being good - you need whiskey AND rose! LOL!

    Sorry, I know that's very very bad of me when you are being so good!
  6. Congrats on all the new goodies! The rose Legacy is gorgeous...but you will be fine with the whiskey, lol.
  7. Why be good when being bad is so much more fun?

    I say get the pink now. You may never see it again!
  8. being good is for the birds. instead, take pix! and show them to us!
  9. Congrats! can't wait for pics.

  10. Yeah......what she said!!
  11. You are hilarious! Congrats on your new things! Can't wait to see them!
  12. LOL you girls are terrible! ;) I'm actually surprised it's STILL there considering how constantly busy that place is. Doesn't anyone else want a Rose Legacy Shoulder?? It's sooo cute! I just know when I decide to buy it (and I know I will!) it will be gone! :crybaby: I bet I could afford it if I sold something but at this point the only thing I'm willing to part with is my pig charm and 28 does not =495! If only I hadn't bought all those Bare Escentuals makeup last week. =P Ah well.
  13. Hey, don't be sorry about the makeup, we have to keep ourselves beautiful too!!
  14. Oooh I bet you look GREAT in the Peony sunglasses! Enjoy your new stuff.
  15. enjoy all of your stuff and i cant wait to see pics when you get a chance!!!