i got new glasses today!

  1. i spent the night at a friend's house last night. i took my glasses off and left them on the kitchen table...sometime during the night her puppy decided they'd make a nice snack. i woke up this morning with one lens missing, the other had teeth marks all over it, and half an arm was gone! :censor::wtf::cry: i guess it's a good thing...i needed to get my eyes checked anyway (and i wanted a pair of contacts for when i feel like dressing up)...i was just going to put it off until september or october...i wanted other stuff first! :biggrin:

    anyway, after many many MANY frustrating hours trying to get some help at lenscrafters i finally decided on this pair. i LOVE the shape, but the color is iffy. from far away they still look blackish dark, but up close they are DEFINATELY blue. i can't decide if the blue doesn't suit me or i'm just so used to tortis ones the different color is a shock. :shrugs: they come in tortis, but have to be special ordered and would take 3 weeks...i needed glasses today. i can exchange them for up to 30 days....

    what do you ladies think? blue yay or nay?

    (first pic with hair up, second with hair down, third is my old glasses for comparison. please excuse the lack of makeup...it's midnight here and i'm tired. :supacool:)
    for forum1.JPG forum2.JPG forum three.JPG
  2. I think it looks great on you! Definitely a big big YAY!!! Not alot of people can wear blue frames, and you sure wear it well.
  3. your ADORABLE! blue looks great on you! great style you go girl :smile:
  4. Personally I would go for the tortiose. I think the blue is iffy too:hrmm:
  5. 0o00o nice!!! they suit you!!! wear them with pride!!!
  6. I love them! They look great on you!
  7. I tihnk they look great!
    I used to be a big tortie wearer too...and decided on a change and got wire rim lilac frames.
    It's fun being adventurous sometimes!
  8. they look good on you! i especially like the second photo, you are very pretty! :biggrin:
  9. I think they're cute! But I can't really tell how blue they are on my monitor, look a little more black to me. But I think its ok to have some color in your glasses, makes them a little more interesting and fun! If you're iffy, go with something you're more comfortable with... or just get two pairs:smile:I need new glasses too... I'm dreading that process:P
  10. They look great!!! I really like em, blue and everything! And that's saying a lot coz I'm not really a blues person, more a red:smile: And woman, if you look this fine without makeup, I wanna be you! No joke! You're gorgeous! You should see me without makeup at midnite. I scare even the ghouls, lol!:lol:
  11. you are beautiful. they look great on you. you are so lucky to be able to wear blue frames and pull it off so nicely.
  12. i like them alot.
  13. First of all, you are absolutely lovely!! I love the frame shape for you but I think the blue frame detracts from your face. I think the tortoise would be very nice with your brown eyes and not take attention away from you!
  14. Aughhh!! The dog ate part of your glasses? Oh well, the new ones look fabulous, the frames suit your face nicely.
  15. The blue looks good on you i say YAY