I got nervous and backout of this deal

  1. NWT Authentic BALENCIAGA LE DIX Motorcycle Bag Item number: 180074981241

    what do you all think? too good to be true? Unfortunately I paid already. When I asked where was it purchased. I got the ole "it was a gift".

    I also have a bordeaux and twal if you're interested. I asked for pic of the teal. Exact same type of cards attached to the bag.

    I also asked where this one came from brand new teal? and that if she couldn't document that the bags came from an authorized retailer I want my money back.

    she gave me 450.00 the rest is "restocking fee".

    I'll post pics later (I'm recovering from surgery ow - back to bed
  2. A restocking fee of $250? You've got to be kidding me!
  3. Can the seller really do that???:wtf:
  4. IF she sends you the bag pictured, it's real.
  5. Agree, nothing looks odd except her answers as to where she got it. I would have her send a current pic with today's date on a card in front of the bag to be sure those are her pictures. If she does that, then I can't see any reason to worry. It's a beautiful bag.
  6. The bag in the photos is real, but a $250 restocking fee is robbery!
  7. The bag in the pics is authentic. Do what Powder suggested. If the seller can produce proof she has the bag, I wouldn't see a reason to worry.
  8. Those are some excellent ideas. The green is an amazing color. Good luck.
  9. Can't wait to see what happens. It is a beautiful bag.
  10. she doesn't actually say anything about a re-stocking fee in the auction :confused1: so there's absolutely no way in hell she could get away with that.
  11. hope things work out at the end rocco! :yes:
  12. Rocco......oh my goodness. I agree with the other ladies, this is the real thing, the bag in the pics that is. However, I would not accept anything less than ALL of your money back. BECAUSE, correct me if I'm wrong ladies, you and the seller can mutually agree not to complete the transaction so the seller can then get their fees credited back to them from eBay. Thus, the seller is not out ANYTHING.

    Good luck.:smile:

    Best wishes for your recovery.
  13. The restocking fee is crazy! The bag looks authentic from the photos, but it's up to you...
  14. the bag looks grear, but the restocking fee is ridiculous!!!