I Got my White Ali This Morning!

  1. I picked up my Ali from the post office this morning and have been carrying it! I am not 100 percent sure I like it on me YET but all I know is I am in LOVE with this white. I mean, oh. my. GOD. I think I love it more then the Whiskey. In fact, I need a White Shoulder bag like NOW. Fortunately for me I see them on eBay occassionally barely going for half of retail!

    But yes, It's a lovely bag, not too much bigger then the shoulder, just taller I suppose. I think if it slouched a little more on top like it does in the Hayden photos, I'd be more CRAZY for it but I dunno. Usually for bags I get it takes me a few days to really decide since I get so use to carrying a certain bag (I can never afford to have more than one bag) I'm gonna take pics tonight plus some of me carrying it to see what you all think!
  2. Congrats to you! What great pics! I just love this color so much I can't stop looking at it! Now my final test will begin.... How long until I spill paint on it or something!
  3. It's a lovely bag! i was wondering if it's heavy? In any case it's beautiful. Enjoy
  4. It's heavier then the shoulder but not by too much. Man I hope the Legacy Stripe cosmetic case I ordered yesterday will fit in this thing ok!
  5. Congratulations on your New Ali. I had it once but did not trust myself to wear it but I can tell you it is beautiful.
  6. Candy:

    I love my white Ali although I am using my Whiskey Ali today. Enjoy wearing your bag but do be careful as it does dirty easily. I don't wear it alot but that won't be possible for you as it is your only bag. I got a spot on the flap the first day I wore it. It did not come out even though I did use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Do be careful with your bag and always carry baby wipes in your purse just in case you do get it dirty. You are going to love your Ali. I just wish they would make the Ali in the Pond Color which I love.

    By the way, the Ali is really much bigger then the Shoulder Bag. You can easily fit a magazine, bottle of water. I carry alot in my Ali and could not carry much in the Shoulder bag. I think you will love carrying that bag.

    kind regards,
  7. :party: Congrats!!!! you will get used to it, it is soft and will slouch. Enjoy it.
  8. Candy, the cosmetic pouch will easily fit in the Ali. I carry my cosmetic pouch in my shoulder bag and the Ali is more spacious than the shoulder bag. I'm positive that I can fit my legacy framed wristlet, regular legacy wristlet and my legacy cosmetic pouch in it very easily with room to spare. I'm going to get baby wipes to carry with me as well. That way I can keep my hands and my bag clean!
  9. Yeah I intend to have the Legacy Stripe cosmetic case, the stripe wristlet, the stripe coinpurse (my wallet) Sunglasses case, checkbook, phone annnd I think thats it. Oh I can't wait to get my cosmetic case now! =D

    I actually have been running to the ladies room a few times wearing the Ali without my coat on and I'm liking it even more. Now what I can decide is how long I want the strap. Right now it's on the middle but I can't decide the middle or the longest. It's actually a big diference it's weird. Epp almost time to go home! I'm gonna take oodles of pics!
  10. I really like the white too!! It's so fresh. AND according to the today show it's cutting edge to wear it year round :p
  11. I love the white Ali. Enjoy!
  12. The white Ali is so pretty! I have the Ali in Whiskey. I don't trust myself (especially w/4 kids) with a white bag. Enjoy it!!
  13. Great pick! I'm considering getting one of those Ali bags...signature/leather? Hmm...

  14. Alright I took a few pics. I'm 5'6 and it's on the shortest straps. I also took a pic of what I have crammed in it at the time. Also I wanted to show my new Peony sunglasses cause they're so cute! Alas I'm a mess right now so excuse the face wearing the sunglasses. ;)

    whitepurse1.jpg whitepurse2.jpg sunglasses1.jpg