I got my Whiskey Legacy today! But there is a problem, HELP!

  1. I bought my Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey on eBay the other day and it arrived today. The bag itself seems fine, (I have never seen one in person before). But, the bag was noted, in the description that it had the leather and brass hangtags, when I got it, those tags were not there! The seller said they made a mistake cutting and pasting the description when she set up the auction. Here are some photos, what should I do, should I return it for a full refund, accept a partial refund, or just live with it?

    I hope no one thinks I am being ridiculous, I guess I really like the hangtags, especially with the extra brass tag.

    I called Coach, and they said they would send a replacement, but it probably will just be a cut-out generic leather tag, unless they can find one, they doubt it will match correctly.

    Does anyone have an extra that will match?





    Thanks for any help or opinions that you can offer.
  2. coach should have a whiskey hangtag

    I would not return it, they are becoming harder to find and more expensive on eBay.
  3. I already called Coach in JAX, they said they will send me a fob, but it probably won't be a matching one. They did take my item number and color, but she said that she doubts that I will get the right one, she says that I will probably just get a plain brown leather one, as they don't usually have extra hangtags for the newer styles.
  4. Oooh, don't sell her! They're hard to find and expensive on eBay, like Court said. If Coach doesn't send you the right hangtag, call and request another. I had to do that twice before I got the right pink suede one to match my suede hobo. Unfortunately the whiskey hangtags are very difficult to find. Keep your eyes peeled on EBay for one in whiskey or a brass one, it might turn up! You can add it to your favorite searches.
  5. Are you near an outlet? They usually have extras and you can see it before you take it home. And I don't think the color of the leather will be too "off" even if you order it from Coach. Why don't you give calling Coach a try and see what it looks like?
  6. Hopefully they will send the right one. I was at the Chicago store yesterday on Mich Ave, and I wish that I could have asked there, but I didn't know until today. I live in Northern Wi, so my closest Coach outlet is almost 3 hours away, the closest boutique is 2 1/2 hours away. Does it seem weird that I am so obsessed with this tag, I wanted my bag to be perfect as possible. If anyone goes to the outlet or boutique, could you ask, I will pay your postage to get it to me? It bothers me, I don't want to use the bag without the tag. It's almost like going out without your makeup on.
  7. We don't have any spares at my boutique-- we never have anything in Whiskey anyway. But I'll keep my eyes peeled for you! And I don't blame ya, I love my hangtags and am anal about them showing all the time!
  8. I think the bag looks great with or without. The seller should have been more careful when posting her description, that part is a bunch of crap. Personally, it wouldn't bother me that much as it is a gorgeous bag but if you are upset, maybe you should see if the seller would give you a refund of some sort.
  9. Keep the bag, my tags fall off all the time, so one day I will not have mine either....Very hard to find that bag at a good price in Whiskey.
  10. i know i don't have any whiskey ones, but i think i might have a brass one. i will check and get back to you :smile:
  11. of all the darned hangtags i have, i can't find my brass ones, i know i have 2 of them!! somewhere....

    i will find them and get back to you, sorry!!
  12. aww sweetie! *hugs*

    Hoping that they send your the correct hangtag. I know when I lost the tag from my Ali, they sent me the correct hangtag for it (although it didn't have the brass fob though).

    Wishing for the best!
  13. Thanks everyone, I love the bag, it just makes me mad. I have never lost a tag myself, but it would be nice to have had it to start with. If anyone has the round brass tag, I would even appreciate that, in case Coach only sends me the leather tag.
  14. Beanphd, I lost the hangtag to my black Legacy Shoulder Zip and had my Coach SA call JAX for me. I received the black Legacy leather hangtag, the medallion and the ball chain thingy. I think you should try that! :yes:
  15. That is so sweet of u.