I got my wallet! But caviar is diff from e/w bag?? ro pics>>

  1. I know thre are two types of caviar - old and new...

    Im pretty sure my east west bag is the new caviar - i just got it from Saks last week. I did a charge send for a matching caviar wallet from the Saks in bev hills and i got it yesterday - but the caviar is diff from the one used on the bag, and its not the 'old' caviar either...

    see pics below ...

    the caviar on the bag is matte, but still shinier then the wallet. the wallet is SUPER SUPER SOFT and pillowy - but very matte - no shine at all. the caviar on the bag is harder/stiffer and has a little bit more shine.

    whats going on? can anyone explain this difference? either way i love them both but would like some clarification... thanks!!! :confused1:




  2. it seems like the caviar on your wallet looks more 'washed' / 'distressed' than your e/w imo.
  3. I cannot explain the difference, I just wanted to say that I can see what you see.

    I heard that the new caviar isnt as "glossy" as the new one. but who knows, maybe the new cavier is tougher
  4. That's strange. I personally prefer the puffier caviar. The other looks more vintage or something.
  5. The new caviar seems to lack the extra bit of varnish that is on the top of the old caviar "pebbles". If you look closely at the old caviar, each the top of each pebble is coated w/ a shiny substance. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe they just decided to stop adding it, and that causes the difference. I wonder if they will continue doing this new caviar from now on. I personally prefer the old kind a bit more.
  6. blonddnyc- what type of wallet is that? I think its gorgy, can u tell me the name and price?

    Also I know that the new caviar is not a shiny or glossy, as the old, so it looks like your new wallet is the new caviar.
  7. Wow blonddnyc ... I just got E/W from Saks a few days ago myself, hoping that it would match my wallet which is the exact same wallet that you have. What a coincident. I don't think our E/W is the new caviar? Because I was able to buy it at the old price of $1395. It does have a bit of shininess to it and feel tougher. The wallet on the other hand is matte and soft. Doesn't new E/W have two chain straps?

    I found this picture from the forum awhile ago. Is it matted caviar? or lambskin ... I can't tell ....:confused1:
    east west.JPG
  8. the e/w looks more shiny as compared to ur wallet as it looks kinda of dull to me. Did you check with ur SA why this is so? Personally, I prefer the caviar leather on e/w.