I got my Venetia!

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  1. It's here! I think it's in great shape for being pre-loved. It still smells like leather. I am surprised that the leather is not stiffer (is that a word?). KWIM? That bag is very slouchy. Is this just how they get? Is there any way to make it hold it's shape better. For the picture I stuffed a towel inside. I've included a picture of the MII tag because I had asked Thithi about that. I'll have my daughter take a picture of me holding the bag (since I ask everyone else for modeling pics), but she's at her first Home Coming dance right now.:smile:
    Home Coming 2007 038.JPG Home Coming 2007 035.JPG
  2. Congrats! It's very pretty! The leather does get softer with use, wich can make it kind of slouchy, but honestly I think MJ leather gets even prettier with use.
  3. Oh congrats! :yahoo: I know you've wanted a Venetia for a while now. You picked a great bag!!
  4. Beautiful!! The older bags have softer leather than the newer seasons. That's the best part of getting a vintage!! Hopefully when you wear or carry her, it won't look slouchy.
  5. Beautiful! Congrats!
  6. Congrats, fab bag & love the pink stitching!
  7. awesome venetia, yay !:yahoo:
  8. It's gorgeous! My venetia was pre-loved too, and it's so soft and supple. It's slouchy when I set it down and it's not very full, but not at all when it's carried.
  9. Great deal. Congrats!
  10. :love::tender:
  11. Hey congrats!!!! She's gorgeous!!!!
  12. Congrats! She's beautiful!!
  13. congrats! i just got my pre-loved venetia from eBay too. the leather is fantastic. it's much softer than the newer venetias i've seen in stores. enjoy!
  14. is that the black with pink stitching....? that is one of my all time favorite combos. congratulations. beautiful bag.
  15. Congrats on your new Venetia! I love the sloucher look on it, but when your things are in there, it will look fine if you are worried about it.