I got my unicorn bag: Chanel Small Classic Flap at last!

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  1. I have been in search of this bag for a while, and when news spread (thank goodness for the Purse Forum) that Chanel was going to increase its prices on classic flaps just recently, I went into full panic mode! Searched everywhere to no avail. Was told by Chanel customer service this bag is not being sold anywhere in the U.S. But, through much relentless and painstaking effort, I received this beauty today! And best part: I got it at the pre-increase price! I have inspected her fully with baited breath, and am so thankful that she is absolutely flawless in craftsmanship. Also, lucky that she is made in France .

    *(For those of you with size Small CF: can you tell me if the interior back zip pocket is functional? Mine unzips, but there is only about a 1 inch space inside this "pocket" ABOVE the zipper, and the bottom part of the "pocket" below the zipper is sealed shut. I have watched many videos on the classic flaps, and the back zip pocket is always able to fit a thin envelope or so inside. Perhaps that applies to all sizes larger than a Small? Also, my WOC has a functioning interior zipped compartment, so I expected the same with this.) PhotoGrid_1544145097717.jpg PhotoGrid_1544145183055.jpg PhotoGrid_1544145286105.jpg PhotoGrid_1544145478673.jpg
  2. Congratulations on your new bag!! It’s absolutely beautiful! I have a small classic flap too :smile: but with silver hardware.

    My interior back pocket is the same as yours! I believe all small flaps are made that way. (I thought the same goes for m/l and jumbo too but I don’t own any of those so I can’t confirm that. )
    Its not really functional I guess it’s a nice detail with a romantic history :smile:
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  3. Congrats! I have this bag, too, and much prefer it over the more popular m/l. As for the interior zip pocket in the flap, I never found it functional. I think the WOC is the only Chanel accessory whose zipped flap pocket is truly functional and spacious.
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  4. Thanks tinkerella! I still can't believe I finally got it! Good to know your interior pocket is the same because I would hate to return mine if at all possible. And, you're absolutely right: the romantic history behind the pocket is enough to have it there~functional or not.
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  5. Thanks bernz84! So just to clarify: your interior zip pocket has no storage capacity below the zip either, correct?
  6. Nope, it’s sewn shut just like yours. :smile: I believe it’s the same for the m/l, reissue, and jumbo, too.
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  7. :yahoo::love::loveeyes:Happiest Congrats on getting your unicorn bag! She’s a real beauty & bag of a lifetime:drinks:Enjoy!
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  8. Unicorn bags are the best, aren't they? Congrats.
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  9. Congrats on your small flap! I have one too with silver hardware. I love that size i had both medium and small and they fit pretty much the same contents (it’s only one inch shorter) but aesthetically looks nicer on. I had mine lengthened to wear crossbody that’s a personal preference i don’t plan to sell i did it for versatility.
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  10. Congrats on your flap. I also got mine just last week. I much prefer this size over m/l. You're so lucky to purchased it before price increase. Here is my pic to share :smile:
  11. Enjoy your small flap! I have one in lambskin with gold hardware and I wear the heck out of it. Great size! I use my Chanel card holder as opposed to my wallet to free up some space. It's perfect for days where I don't need to carry much, and for nights out. Like the poster above, I had the chain lengthened to cross body, as I won't be selling this bag. My interior pocket is the same as you describe.
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  12. How did you manage to find a small flap in caviar? Wow
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  13. Thanks for clarifying bernz84! So glad I didn't try to force opening the pocket thinking it was like that just because it was new (like some clothing pockets sewn shut).
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  14. Thanks Kendie26!
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  15. They totally are ! Thank you Grande Latte!