I got my two baby's!!!


Coach Obssesed!!
Apr 8, 2008
Hey everyone I am new but I have been lingering around reading all your threads.. I have to say thank you to all of you.... If it wasnt for you I would have never known about the 50% off sale..

So with reading the blogs I listened to your advice and called my two outlets to see if they had my bags (the leigh and the lily) so of course they tell me no the dont...

So I took the time out on wensday to go to the outlet just out of curiousity.. and you wouldnt believe this.....

I walk in and right on the first table you see when you walk in there is my baby THE LEIGH.. :yahoo::nuts:so I grab it and I am shaking now lol I never knew what it felt to be an addict I tell you girls now I know lol.. so I grab her and now iam hugging and caressing her (<-- crazy I know:woohoo:) OHH she felt soo good. And on top of me finding her my DH tells me he will buy it for me.. just to make it all the better...

So YEAHHH I get my black LEIGH!! and the matching wallet. I thought it couldnt get better then that but I was wrong..

So now I want the Lilly in black.. I again call my out lets on Thursday and they tell me no they dont have them..

So again out of curiosity I go to my other outlet Woodbury commons..

I get there and boy do they have lots of gigi's and legacy flaps but noo Lily.. so I grab the only leather gigi they have i figured just just as good for now.

But ooo my God what is that sales lady holding on to?

OO NO MY LILY!!:yahoo:

so I walk ( almost run) to her and ask her can I please have her .. and she gives her to me :tup::yahoo::woohoo: I hugged her and looked at her and could not believe how lucky I was... I got my bag YEAHHHH

Not only one of the ones I want but both... THANK YOU alll....


as soon as I get the pics uploaded I ll post them...:wlae:


Videre est credere
Jul 23, 2008
Oh I just love when that happens, it's such a wonderful surprise when you are hopeful but not expecting what you want to be there, and low and behold it pops up. Congrats on your great finds. :tup: