I got my Trish!

  1. I guess it was totally spur at the moment though I've been thinking about getting this bag. After I got off work, I decided to go to MJ store "just to look" the Trish in leather lining. My SA is usually Peter. He's been helping me with my recent purchases :P. Today Luke was helping me and he's a cutie, btw :nuts:.

    They have the Chili on display so I asked if they still had the dark brown and it was the last one in their store! I asked him if I could see it. He brought it out fresh still in the box :drool:. I could smell the leather when he took the stuffing out of the bag, and it smelled good, my friend.

    Long story to short, I finally talked myself into buying it! I can't believe I spent that much money on a bag :wtf:. Oh well, I've been thinking about this bag for more than a month and it's just funny cause I wanted to get the Slouchy Tote first, but ended up with the Trish.

    The leather is so scrumptious and the smell is just heavenly. It is pretty heavy though after I put my zip clutch and my Treo. I think the leather lining makes the bag isn't as slouchy as the canvas lining. It's more strutured.

    Do you think the leather lining will make the bag heavier?

    Poor me, I can buy a Trish but still no digital camera :nuts:. I took these pics with my cell.
    Photo_110306_002.jpg Photo_110306_003.jpg
  2. very nice. can we see some modeling pics perhaps?
  3. Woo Hoo Chloe!! Congratulations!! :yahoo: It's a beautiful bag. I'm thrilled for you!
  4. YAY!!! Congratulations! I love Trish! We're twins now :yahoo: . Almost. Lining's different. Woohoo!!!
  5. And I started out wanting the Hudson, but Trish stole my heart, so same kind of story!
  6. Both Hudson and Trish are gorgeous. Congrats! It's a very good choice!
  7. Congrats! =)
  8. Congrats Chloe! The Trish is such a hot bag! Enjoy!
  9. ^ E, did you end up getting Hudson? =)
  10. No. :crybaby: I couldn't decide between the Trish and the Hudson so I left them both there. By the time I got finished buying other bags, they were gone. It's something to think about later, but I have Mini Lin on the brain.
  11. ^^Erika - I hope you update your bag showcase thread soon. I love seeing your new additions!:yes: You always have such great taste.
  12. ^ I'm checking her showcase right now. E has a Putty credit card case. =)
  13. I love your new Trish! Congrats!
  14. lovely bag, congrats! :biggrin:
  15. the trish is such a funky bag, congrats on the purchase!