I got my Tivoli today!!!pics~~~~

  1. yesterday morning, when i chatd with my friends, i began to plan a new bag for myself this weekend.
    so, last nite, i pay much time online to find any new arrivals recently~

    luckly, i found 2! unluckly, i realy cant decide between them, Trevi and Tivoli:sad:
    Then i think maybe i could make a decision in the shop.

    Today, when i were there and tried them, i found trevi is too dark and heavy for me~
    so i got my second choice----Tivoli!!!!

    it is very nice~~~and real gorgeuos as all you talked here!!!!!!!

    btw, i got GM,I'm 168cm tall and 53kg weight
    pm is cute too, but cant put on the shoulder, and too small for me~~

    some pics taken by mobile, so a little bit unclear~~
    2_nEO_IMG.jpg 3_nEO_IMG.jpg 4.jpg 1.JPG 5.jpg
  2. congrats! looks great on you. i just bought mine this afternoon as well, love this bag.
  3. Very pretty congrats!
  4. Congratultions...it looks really beautiful on you. By any chance can you tell me the dimensions of the base...I'm getting one and I will like to buy a base for it to avoid sagging...it looks awesome.

    Are you in the States...do they have this bag available in the stores?
  5. She's beautiful-alone and on you! Congrats, I think I might switch my next one from a BH to this, it's sooo pretty!
  6. It looks very classy on you!
  7. Yay! Another Tivoli thread...looks great on you!!
  8. I love this bag more every time I see it. I just ordered mine today too. Can't wait to get it. =)
  9. wow so many tivoli lately made me want one :p

  10. love it! Congrats!
  11. 17cm*31cm
    no, i'm Nordic....but it is still the last one in their shop
  12. congrats! looks great!
  13. OMG!!!! LOVE IT!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Thanks for sharing your photos, and congrats on the new Tivoli !!!!!!!!!
  15. I love this bag!