I got my Tivoli GM!! Modeling Pics!!

  1. Ok, so I originally was on the waitlist for the PM, which I saw today as well, but went for the GM. I am not very techno-savy, so please bear with me if you are unable to view the pics. BTW I am 5'9", 135 lbs.


    I am so thrilled as this is my first LV purchase!!!:yahoo:

    The PM is really meant to be a handbag, as the shoulder straps do not easily fit on the shoulder.
  2. What a great first LV!!!! Congrats, looks great!!!...The wait is killing me...I want mine now!!
  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! IT'S GORGEOUS!!!!!!! HOPE TO GET MINE SOON!!:wlae::wlae::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. WOWW... very pretty!!! Congratulations!!! I want to try the PM on.. =)
  5. Cute !
  6. Congratulations...thanks for the pictures!
  7. Fabulous !!! And is that your baby in the first picture ? He's so cute...
  8. She looks cute!!! More modeling pics, please! ;)
  9. Yes, that is my 7 month old son in the pics...he just started crawling last week, and is in to everything!!!:nuts:

    I will post more pics when my husband gets home to take them...It's hard to get a good shot in the mirror!!:nogood:
  10. love it, congrats!
  11. My mom told me that I was crawling everywhere when I was a little baby, lol :rolleyes: !!!
    I was absolutely uncontrollable :sweatdrop: !!!
  12. Congrats on your first LV, Tivoli GM is a great choice, perfect for the little one too! :yes:
  13. Oh I love that bag! Congrats!
  14. Congrats on your first LV bag! Heres to many more!
  15. What a great first purchase! congrats! soo pretty!