I got my tano!

  1. hi everyone! last week, i placed an order with alexandra from musthavebag.com and ordered a tano sexbomb in black. when i first got it, i was a little unsure (I've always been on the conservative side of handbags and the one i carried around was this rich brown leather juicy fluffy bag), and so with this tano sexbomb, i wasn't sure if the metal on it was a little too much.

    but now that i keep looking at it, i'm really starting to like it!

    i would still like a second opinion please! :yes:

    P.S. Sorry for the blurry face and pictures -- was using a cell phone camera and I didn't bother with hair and makeup today cause I didn't leave the house :rolleyes:

    please ignore my unmade bed!
    picture 2.jpg pic3.jpg picture4.jpg picture1.jpg picture5.jpg
  2. I think it looks really cool. You da sexbomb.:p
  3. Looks really great!!!
  4. Tee Hee!! I love your blue face!!!:roflmfao: Funny you should mention it, but I sold my Sex Bombs awhile back and I'm now lusting after them again. I know that the black is on my list, and I really want my cobalt blue back!!! Are you unsure because of the silver hardware? I think it's so cooll!! Nice choice....I still wear my Tano Jet Setter and love her...
    TanoGreen.jpg TanoJetSetterOlive.jpg
  5. ooh pretty!
    Oh crappers - now I am thinking of getting the sexbomb too hahaha
    I got so many bags this past month!
  6. The style has a nice tough edge in black and looks great on you.
  7. I think the bag looks great on you! The metal makes it stand out a little, but not too much. I'd keep it!
  8. great bag!! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  10. aww thanks everyone! i feel better about the bag -- i think i'll keep it!

    now i'm just waiting for LMB to arrive so that i can treat it before i use it for the first time!

    jchiara, your jetsetter is so hot. i love that green! does musthavebag have the cobalt blue?
  11. Oh YEAH! That's a great bag, alright!

    Looks marvy on you! :yes:
  12. sexy sexbombs all around!
  13. THEY DOO!! And I found my Cobalt Blue Picture but for some reason, I can't load it...let me try again....okay, here it is - it's not quite as vibrant in this particular picture - it's a lovely blue....what do you think????
    It might take a minute - I'm having some extensions issue - I'll post when I can...
    :wtf: :sad:
  15. Congratulations on all the hot bags! Personally, I love silver hardware and the bag looks terrific on you even with a blue face!