I got My Tano MiniLisa

  1. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. The Crunch leather is lightweight and very pretty. It's not 600.00 bag leather but for it's price, it's a nice bag. The zippers work well and the style is very cool. I can take this bag in the rain with no fear of ruin and it will be great in Winter weather. It's one fault is the lining. It's another case of "ghetto Lining" as Bessie calls it. It's the shiny thin fabric that so many fake bags carry and the inner pocket is just a stiched on piece of leather that is slit cut. That is not pleasing and I just hope the lining holds up. But all in all, it's a neat bag with great looks. Here's some pics.




  2. Hi Lexie -- your bag is really adorable! I really like it and the crunch leather looks amazing! Congrats!
  3. Lexie, I thought of you as I opened my Tano Shizzle yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised too, I like the crunch leather and the color saturation is wonderful.

    I have my other Tano arriving today and plan to post pics after it arrives.
  4. nice! hopefully you will have good luck with this bag and it will wear well.
  5. Glad to hear! I'm getting mine today, in Caribbean Blue~ my first Tano too:smile: I hope I'm not disappointed~

  6. If you don't mind me asking, who sells Tano online? I wanted to see them in person, but haven't had chance to get to a store yet. Would love to look at some online though! Thanks!
  7. *is jealous*
  8. musthavebag.com

    I'm sure there are more but these come to mind~
  9. I LOVE my new Tano bag--sexy Terri in red crunch/crackle leather--been using it for the last two weeks. Expect a lot of compliments when you wear your new bags, ladies!!
  10. ^ Thank you for the online places. *runs off to go look*
  11. Hey Lexie

    Glad you like your new Minilisa! I happen to agree with you that the lining could be upgraded, although most people love that bright orange nylon/cotton twill- but I can assure you that it IS durable! One thing I want to caution you about is that the crunch leather should NOT be carried in bad weather. It is not waterproof, and the color may bleed, or the leather may spot if it gets wet. That's the case with any hand-stained aniline dyed natural leather such as CRUNCH.
  12. I happen to LIKE the interior drop pocket & leather slit pocket for your cell. Thats Tano's standard interior- and the big splashy Tano label is fun! But hey... "to each her own!"
  13. Oh My...I guess that's good to know. I just assumed it would be resilient to water. Probably would be a good idea to have a "Care guide" on your site. This is something I never would have suspected. I live in a fairly rainy area. I guess I won't be moving into my Tano today. It's going to storm for the next 3 days. Thanks for the honesty Alexandra. I thought the bag would be more leather hardy.

    Anyone have a Crunch leather bag that for wet? Any problems?

  14. I've carried my Boogie Bucket in the rain and I haven't had any problems!
  15. These bags are postively yummy! I've got my eye on the Truffle bag now. :heart: