I got my Speedy 35 today - Questions - is this normal?


Nov 2, 2011
Hey everybody! I got a huge box today and a beautiful box and the Speedy 35 b. I was just curious if the way it is is normal - I'll list below...
They said it was a "new" bag when I ordered it. (I said I didn't want a return) THen she said I'm getting the last one they had in stock...

1. The lock was attached to the zipper; the box was inside (empty) and the keys were inside the bag on the bottom.

2. The zipper pulls are "brushed" not shiny. Is this normal?

3. The zipper is "tight" / not rough, but not smooth as butter either. If anyone owns a dooney bag, this zipper is not like the dooneys.

Thank you!


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
Hmm, assuming you didn't buy it from LV, you should have it authenticated. Good luck!
The zipper should slide very smoothly and the zipper pull should be kind of shiny. Sometimes older LV bags have sticky zippers and the metal gets tarnished over time. In fact, even new bags or accessories might have sticky zippers. I had to have the zipper of a year old cles repaired!

But, if you didn't buy from LV I'd have the bag authenticated here on tpf just to be on the safe side.