I got my Speedy 25!


Dec 6, 2006
Well the delivery was MUCH faster than I thought! It only took a day. (I ordered on the Sunday night) Pictures will be uploaded soon :yahoo: I'm wondering though, do the handles and bag loosen up? The handles seem quite stiff and the whole bag is a lil squeaky because it's brand new.

Thanks! :tup:


Got a handle on it
Nov 2, 2006
I have the same bag and yes it will "loosen up" eventually. I feel like the whole bag just softens and becomes so much nicer over time and with a lot of use. You will love this bag! Wait until you see how much you can fit in it. I didn't realize it until I started using it and shoving things in it. It's a very functional bag. Enjoy it and use it in good health! :smile: Congrats!
Congrats!! You will absolutely love this bag!! The handles will loosen up with use, don't worry! But if they are really tight, take it to a boutique and they can apply a little bit of wax inside where the handles and metal meet. A friend of mine had this done and its not as squeaky anymore.