I got my small quilted bowler!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I just got my small Quilted Bowler that I won on eBay a few days ago. I appreciate everyone keeping an eye out for me.

    I am about 99% certain that it is authentic - I got a great deal on it - $399 plus shipping when it normally retails for $975.

    All the appropriate tags, zipper detail, and "smell" of the leather seem right. I will post pictures tonight, and would appreciate it if some of our experts can "confirm" it's authenticity.

    Here is the original eBay listing: eBay: Brand New Marc Small Jacobs Bowler Handbag (item 290056630428 end time Dec-04-06 11:55:02 PST). I had A LOT of reservations bidding on it since she couldn't post the interior shots. I obsessively compared her pics to pics of authentic bowlers before I decided to bid, and I hope I made the right decision.
  2. I'm crossing my fingers for you SuLi! Comparing pics is the best you can do when a seller doesn't post the interior... there should also be a serial tag inside the interior pocket I think, so don't forget to post that too so we can confirm.

    LOL.... I often go by smell too... big factor for me!
  3. Congrats SuLi! I love this bag! I hope it's real, sorry I'm not much help in that area!
  4. I hope it's real! It's really cute and such a great deal!
  5. CONGRATS SuLi - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a beauty!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed for you!!!!!!!
  6. It's beautiful! She's gorg! I'm getting into MJ bags myself so I'm no help either but it really looks authentic!
  7. Okay everyone...moment of truth. I'm so nervous for some reason (gulp). The pictures are attached below. I'm not a very good picture-taker, so excuse me for the blurry pics.

    Attached Files:

  8. The tags (which I cut off since I really wanted to use it, but in hindsight, could be bad if it's not authentic) and nameplate.

    Attached Files:

  9. The zipperhead pictures.

    Attached Files:

  10. The tag number reads C361120 and the interior serial tag is S06, 197.
  11. SuLi, the bag looks good to me.... the serial tag, the interior canvas, the zipperhead, and the goat leather tags seem correct to me. I know some girls here have this bag so hopefully they'll confirm for you. IMO, you got that bag at a steal! Congrats!
  12. Way to go Suli!! It looks great!! Congrats!:yahoo:
  13. I love the leather on that bag SuLi! Congratulations!
  14. SuLi,
    I have the small black patent bowler and yours looks good. The dimpling on the sides, handles, shape of the

    Congratulations!!! I get compliments for my bowler every time I go out.