I got my Silver Dorseys Manolos-Carries Stolen Shoe today!

  1. I am so exicted!!! My shoes came today from the NYC boutique and they fit! yeah! I was worried they may not, I have been having some bad luck with shoe-sizing...but they do fit beautifully.

    I can't wait to wear them to an Oscar party friends are hosting this weekend-gay friends I might add....so I know they'll notice the shoes. :yes:

    Thanks to everyone who saw my previous posts. I had no idea they were still available! So I got them at retail and with no tax. :yahoo: Silly me:shame:
  2. Did not know that they were still available either. Congratulations.
  3. Yay!! They are beautiful, and your feet will be the star of the party haha, enjoy :smile:

  4. Congratulations.
  5. post pics!
  6. eee!! I die for those shoes--wear them in the BEST of health and please post pics!
  7. oohhh pics pics!
  8. I didn't know these were still avail either. I have them, and LOVE them. They are soooooooooooooooo comfy. Please post pics.
  9. Schmoo, did you get the 4 inch heel version? I thought those sold out in presale when they were re-released in 2005.
  10. oh i love those shoes shmoo! do you know if they are still available? congrats! ur feet are gonna look beautiful :smile:
  11. I will post pics tonight, (hehe...i thought you may have all been all pictured of these shoes :p )

    Well the Boutique told me they were the 4inch. Does the 4 inch cost more then the 3 1/2 inch?

    I guess that would tell me.
  12. Congrats!! Those shoes are TDF!!
  13. No, the price is the same - it's just the 4 inch were the one's featured in SATC and those are usually the more popular shoes. When they were first introduced they were the 4 inch version. They later reintroduced in the lower heel. Then in 2005 a limited quantity in the 4 inch heel were reintroduced and only available at the two Manolo Blahnik boutiques.
  14. Yay!!! Great shoes and at retail too!!!
  15. I love that design. Congrats!