I got my second Chanel (and it was one of my Holy Grail bags too)!

  1. On Monday I went on my semi-yearly pilgrimage to Manhattan, and I had a lot of fun! I think my shopping this time around was more spread out, as I bought stuff from Louis Vuitton, shoes from Burberry and Steven by Steve Madden, and my biggest purchase, of course, was from Chanel. I just got home today, significantly poorer but happier :p.

    On Tuesday I went to Fifth Avenue, and stopped by the Chanel boutique. I've never bought anything from the store before, as my first Chanel was bought used. At the E 57th Street boutique I saw a black satin clutch that I fell in love with, and because I've been looking for a black evening bag I bought it. The one thing that bothered me was that it had a flap top but no button or buckle, so if the bag was a bit too full the flap would stick out.

    Then the next day I went to the Madison Avenue boutique, and there, sitting on a shelf, was a bag that I've been dying for :nuts:. It was originally launched in 2006, but it had been reintroduced due to overwhelming popularity. And then I realized that I wanted/needed this bag way more than a clutch (because let's face it, I don't attend enough events to warrant the use of a formal clutch anyway), so I rushed back to my hotel -- all the way on W 33rd Street, I might add :sweatdrop: -- took the clutch I'd bought the day before and flew back to 57th Street to return it. Then I hightailed it back to the Madison Avenue boutique and bought my long-sought-after bag. The SA said it was a good thing I went back for it, because it was their very last one, and it might be a while before, and if ever, they get any more in stock :yahoo:.

    So now the all-important question: What is it? :graucho:
  2. :shrugs::popcorn:
  3. Is it from the Paris/New York collection?

    I'm going to guess the PNY Flap in black.
  4. baby cabas???
  5. Show us, show us!

    Congrats, btw!
  6. show us !!!!
  7. here's one more :jammin:
  8. Hmmmmmmmm, classic white flap or white cabas? I can't wait to see :nuts:.
  9. jumbo blush???
  10. white jumbo?? Wait, I didn't read that part. Definitely not white jumbo...ummm...
  11. OK because I'm so excited about it, here it is: the Diamond Stitch Tote!

    This bag is so beautiful in real life, and even though I'd have liked it to be a little bigger, the SA said this is the only size it was re-released in, but I'll make it work :biggrin:. He was showing me all the white bags they had, like the GST and the Medallion, but in the end I knew I had to have this one :tender:.

    So now that I have my black Chanel and my white Chanel, I'm happy :cutesy:.




  12. Yay!! It's so pretty, congrats Sandra!
  13. You tease! Gorgeous, love the big CCs :biggrin: I see you've been bitten by the Chanel bug, too! I'm having the same clutch/everydaybag choice. You might have nudged me a little more to the everyday bag side ;)
  14. congrats on your new bag! It's lovely.
  15. Beautiful bag - congrats!