I got my second Batignolles!!!!!!!!

  1. Okay - the second Batignolles for my other daughter came - it's just beautiful! I'll post pictures in the morning, but this one is even prettier than the first (beautiful light patina!). My second bag in two months from authentic_lvlady and I'm so so happy! My daughter's going to be so happy - I'm saving it for her birthday. I have purchased the Koala wallet now too and should be getting it soon, so that will be another present down. Isn't it fun buying things for the people you care for!!!!!!!!!

    The first Batignolles went to my daughter that just got into medical school. This one is for my other daughter. The Koala is going to be for the medical school daughter too, along with some other presents. The third daughter wants a Gucci - the traitor!
  2. what a great mom, she'll definitely love it!
  3. You are such a nice mom.
  4. Yay, for great moms!
  5. Ooh! Congrats again on being such a great mom!!! :love: I'm sure daughter #2 will love it!!!
  6. Congratulations! Your daughter will be so happy, and she is so lucky to have you! When I was in college, my mom offered to buy me a LV bag, but I didn't let her because it was a lot of money (mom was a single mom). When I got my first job after college, I bought her a speedy with my first paycheck. = ) I agree that it is simply wonderful to be able to buy something for a loved one.
  7. That's so sweet. They will love them. My 10 yr old is already asking for my LV's. Wait until she gets 20. Scary thought for my pockets!!!

  8. What a wonderful daughter! You sound like my eldest - the medical school one. When she was about 13, she had been babysitting all year - and I'm a single mom too (have been since they were little) - she saved all her money and bought me a Dooney & Burke - I used it until it died and I still have it - it meant so much to me! I imagine your mom felt the same way - I bet she still loves her Speedy - and you had great taste too - my Speedy is my favorite bag!
  9. I remember you saying you're going to get another one for your other daughter. You're such a sweet mom!
  10. I wish my mother even knew how to do her make-up let alone what or who Louis is! You are a fab Mother!:yes:
  11. aww, you're too sweet!
  12. congrats! i wish my mom was that nice!
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. :choochoo:

  15. congrats