I got my scarf today!!!

  1. I got it today!!! It's perfect!!!! Thank you for the lovely card also Carolyn!!! I will post pictures later tonight :smile:
  2. Congratulations...will check back later for your picture. Hurry...everyone will want to see it!
  3. Oh yeah! Anxiously awaiting pics of a lovely new scarf! congrats...
  4. Glad you like it! May this be the first of an obsessive collection of Hermes scarves!!! :P
  5. Congratulations, ladystara! Man, this has been a very fulfilling Hermes week!:nuts:
  6. WHOOO HOOO!!!!!!


    uh oh......now you're in trouble, because you know it starts with a scarf....then.......
  7. ...........then is followed by an agenda.........then a belt..............ooops, you just bought a Kelly............wait, another Kelly....................how did that Birkin make it into my closet?.................need I say more?
  8. Ladystara - congratulations! I can't wait to see it! I almost bought one on the hermes website last night myself!
  9. Waiting in anticipation! ITA, it's starts with a scarf then BAM! Kelly or Birkin, or BOTH!
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. ooooooo yeah....first the scarf, then the scarf ring, then an agenda, then a belt, then before you know it you've got a closet full of orange boxes and few bags and a DIVORCE!
  12. :yes: Shopmom, you're right! Specially with the kind of gals we're hanging around with here (no names!!!). My mum used to say that when you get married you should "keep part of yourself for yourself". I used to think she meant oh, don't let hub see you with your hair in rollers, or somesuch. It took me a while to realise she meant keeping a couple of clandestine credit cards for yourself ...

    Ooh a new scarf is just the thing; LADYSTARA I hope you enjoy it immensely. Where are the pics?!
  13. ^^ lolo.. LOL thats really funny!

    ladystara.. congratulations on your new scarf :smile: Still waiting for pics!
  14. :smile: Just got home, but..just discovered that my brother took the camera to california :huh:

    ;op i really need to get my own digital cam...any ideas? hehe
  15. Congrats Ladystara!:flowers:

    lolo, I just HAD to say something about your comment about keeping clandestine cc's from your husband, I have this book entitled "How To Hide Money From Your Husband. Have you ever read it? Its quite an interesting book to say the least. I think for me, one thing I would keep secret from my husband would be my Hermes account.