i got my sandstone work from bluefly BUT...

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Should I keep the bag, or send it back?

  1. Yes keep it!

  2. No! it's a reject!

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  1. there is something weird about it.

    don't get me wrong, the bag is real.

    however... the pieces of leather they used on the front of the bag are two different colors.



    see how the middle and the corner pieces are lighter than the rest of the bag?

    so should i keep it or send it back?
    P1000226.JPG P1000227.JPG
  2. I see what you mean. For myself, I would keep it. After all the sandstone work is a work of beauty.

    Dye batches can be tricky, unless two pieces of leather are from the same lot, it's difficult to be 100% accurate. And besides, leather is leather, each strip is different, unlike plastic and other manmade products.

    However, if this really bothers you. Then return it.
  3. tough call. only if it bothers you. it would bother me so that is why i voted for sending it back.
  4. Actually, it doesn't bother me. I think it's kind of cool, so I'd keep it if I were you. But I love deconstructed, avant-garde stuff and I also like imperfections on leather(characteristics wise, not quality wise, of course!)...but if it bothers you, send it back.
  5. Oh yeah, I think I can see the slight difference. However, it doesn't detract from the overall beauty of the bag (which seems to have stunning leather). I quite like the little quirks that Bals have (eg the whipstitching of the handles of my RV first is different colours on each handle). I think it gives an individual quality. Do you love the leather overall?
  6. hmmmmn:hrmm:...I totally see it. If it's something you'll think about and feel weird about...I'd say return it. It's not worth all the "thought"...the only feelings you should have about your bag are ":tender:".

    All that said...It is an impressive bag!
  7. IMO it adds some character to this Gorgeous Work !!
    So I would keep it :smile: !!
  8. You know.. if you didn't say anything... I wouldn't have noticed. lol. I wonder if my sandstone GH PT will look like that. If it does... I might just suck it up and keep it. lol
  9. I actually really like it! It's a beautiful color and I don't think that the slightly different colors deflect from that at all!
  10. forgot to add that it is still a gorgeous bag. love SS!
  11. Like others have said, I think it's a pretty bag, BUT, if it's going to bother you, I would send it back. Even at Bluefly prices, I think these bags are too expensive to keep one you don't absolutely :heart:...but that just could be because I'm broke :p !
  12. keep it its amazing!
  13. I like the contrast and think it adds character, but like everyone else, if it bothers you...send it back
  14. mmmh, i wouldn't have noticed.... but, you KNOW it, and know, it dipends on how much this wuold be a problem in your mind .... she's really cute, but if you're not TOTALLY satisfied, return her, and have something you'll totally love.
  15. But it bothers me...therefore, i suggest you to return back even though i know sandstone in Work style is not easy to come by. However, u shld be able to find another one with a better outlook.