I GOT MY Sandal Wedges~No More Coach for a while!

  1. I got the black wedges with the silver hardware that I NEEDED. I LOVE THEM~They are SO Cute! I found them at Dillards and am SO happy! yay!!! :yahoo:

    Unfortunately, I am banning myself from any further Coach purchase for a few months!! :crybaby:

    They are sort of Similiar to the Janessa ones but this has Coach C's On the side of the wedges...I will post a picture later, I am not feeling so hot today! :push:
  2. any pictures?? we would love to see!
  3. I would love to see pics of these! I love the Janeesa wedges and have been stalking eBay for black ones in my size. Maybe I would like these better. Do you know the style number by any chance?
  4. Congrats, cant wait to see pics.
  5. Congrats, can't wait for pics!