I got my red Alto!

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  1. And I love it! The smooth matte leather in red is terrific. It is a "top handle lock" otherwise known as a flap satchel. Just the prettiest thing. It looks small but is holding the essentials just fine. No water bottle, books or magazines in this baby I guess.
    The seller packed it in a flat box. NOT good.[​IMG]

    Luckily the leather wasn't creased, just slightly bent.

    And she looks just fine now.
  2. Oh my, that bag is stunning. Love everything about it, the red is so pretty. Enjoy!
  3. oh its soo cute!!! Love it!!! :smile:
  4. I want :sad: Congratulations! I love it in the red!
  5. Nice! I wish they had the same styles with shoulder straps.
  6. Thud!

    Wow. Wow.
  7. That is simply stunning!

    I guess I'll have to put it on my "list":yes:

    Enjoy using it!
  8. OMG.. that's one BEAUTIFUL purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :drool:
  9. Gorgeous!:yahoo:
  10. Beautiful!

    I haven't bought a red Dooney yet, but one day I will!
  11. Wow! A very beautiful bag. Enjoy!
  12. ohh that is beautiful!!!! congrads :smile:
  13. The bag is beautiful! I love the structure and the lovely red color. Congrats!
  14. That bag is so beautiful. Really gorgoeus colour and great shape!!!
  15. Thanks everyone.

    There was high drama here today. The lock was coming off the bag!!! All is well, poor thing now has a scar on the front of the lining but the screw is back on - with lots of locktight added.

    The amazing part was the leather. During all the handling a great number of fingernail marks got on the leather. I buffed with the flannel dustbag and the lesser of them are gone and the bad one is nearly gone. I was amazed!

    Moral of the story, play with Dooney locks before buying. DON'T get one with a loose screw! And don't try to repair it, you have to cut the lining to do it. So don't!!!