I got my quilted ivory MP from shoptwigs....

  1. but the zipper head on the inside pocket came off two times! There is a gap were the zipper head slips out of and comes off. Shoptwigs says I can send back to get repaired or send back for a full refund but they won't compensate me for shipping or if I decide to keep the bag and live without the zipperhead. Due to the fact that it was 50% off the original price. Is that fair? I really love the bag, it is something I could live with but it's not fair in that there are people who got the same bag without any flaws at the same sale price. Does that make sense?? I'd love some input on what you would do in this situation.
  2. what's going on with shoptwigs?! this is the second report of them sending out defective bags. did they include these bags as as part of the sale for that reason and hoped the customer wouldn't notice? that's what it sounds like... kimb1984 received her julianne and it was damaged too.

    i'm so sorry to hear about your mp. i would contact them and either ask for a further reduction in the sales price if you intend on keeping the bag OR another bag that's currently available for 50% off. there's no sense on you losing out on a good deal simply because their employees can't be bothered to check the condition of their items before sending them out, thereby, wasting their customers' time.

  3. That is so not right!
    I don't care if you paid $50 for the bag, if it was not stated as defective, they should make it right and pay for your return shipping, etc. I have never heard of ANY online company not paying for return shipping on a defective item. That's crazy~ it's not like you want to return it simply because you don't like it; you want a new one that works properly.
    So much for customer service....
    I would get the shift manager of this company on the phone, and remain calm, but state very clearly what it is that you want and would like to see happen. In general, you get more bees with honey, and I have found customer service staff do not generally want to help people that throw raging fits on the phone with them.
    Please keep us posted as to what happens in this situation.
    Maybe we all should avoid the sale bags at shoptwigs.....
  4. Hi, I purchased the Elise in Slate from shoptwigs sale and already got it. Mine looks good, I didn't notice any defect or anything, but I am still deciding whether I should keep the bag or return it. Sorry bout what happened to you.. I was nervous too bout my bag.. but luckily mine was alright.
    You should negotiate again with them and see if they can do something other than offering a repairment. yea, I don't think it's fair if you get a damaged item, because they said everything was in brand new condition. Good luck!
  5. You can send it back directly to MJ and they will fix it at their NJ warehouse.

  6. I have had zipper pulls fall off on a CHANEL bag too...Its easy to fix...Take a wrench like tool and squeeze the area shut so it cant come off again....If u put a peice of fabric between the wrench tool and the zipper pull ...it wont scratch either
  7. Jill---That sounds like a solution! I'm going to try it! I'm really in love with the bag and don't want to part with it. Thanks for your reply girls!
  8. Wait! I've heard of the metal part snapping off when that was done so please be careful. Maybe you should take it to a professional instead of doing it yourself.

  9. Yeah, no offense Jill, but this kinda scares me.
    If this zipperhead breaks off, then you definitely will not be able to return it.
    Please be careful!!!!
  10. I'm so sorry that you got a damaged bag, too! The Julianne that I ordered is in bad shape, so I emailed them and they are paying for return shipping along with reimbursing me for my original shipping costs (as well they should!). If I thought that my bag was repairable (one of the flaws was a crack in the leather and discoloration- so not really repairable) I would have asked them to pay for the shipping and repairs, as the bag should have gotten to you in pristine condition. I'm sorry that you have to go through this, too! Isn't it a bummer??? :crybaby:
  11. If you really love the bag, then I'd suggest contacting MJ to fix it. Make sure that you get some sort of compensation from shoptwigs too. If you don't want to wait for MJ's repair service, you can always bring it in to a local cobbler.

  12. That's EXACTLY what happened to my Large MP!! I had the exact same issue with the zipper...I clamped it and it later snapped! I still have the pull but am now going to have to have a new zipper put on. :crybaby: Sooooo, I wouldn't suggest clamping it yourself!
  13. Well I guess I won't be clamping it. Darnit, I'm just going to keep the bag. It's so pretty and I don't want to wait 6-8wks to send it to MJ to get fixed. Thanks for all your help girls.
  14. Please post pics of your beauty...I want to see:drool:
  15. I've done this too (although it was on a $100 bag so I wasn't as worried about the consequences) and it worked fine--it probably depends on whether the zipper is made of bendy or rigid metal. Maybe you could take it to a cobbler to assess?