I got my paddy today

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  1. I will take pics tonight , so you can all let me know its ok :smile:
  2. What colour did you get? Looking forward to the pics!
  3. Congrats!
  4. you will never ever regret a paddy :smile: enjoy!
  5. Hi Kimmy, from memory.. did u get a whiskey one?? If so, it's the right choice, lol! Although, I love paddys, no matter the colour. This is one bag I'm truly enamoured of. Gimme pics, lol!
  6. Still waiting for pictures..
  7. Kimmy, I tried to send you a PM, your box is full :smile:
  8. LOL I will empty it - shows how popular I am LOL JOKE
  9. Gorgeous, Kimmy. Love it! I have the whiskey and adore the color. It goes with everything!
  10. Yay, Kimmie. There's a large group of us now with this colour:smile:) Gorgeous, gorgeous! And I agree it goes with everything. I tried it with a teal top, brick red blazer, mint green t-shirt (not all in one ensemble, mind, lol) and yup, it doesn't look off. I have a colourful wardrobe and the whiskey matches everything I've thrown at it so far, lol!
  11. it's gorgeous! such a rich color for the leather :smile:
  12. Congrats on your new paddy!!
  13. SerenitySue - I was totally putting that ensemble together as I read your post - even stopped to re-read - cuz all I could think was OMG! Glad (relieved?) to read further that it's working for you and you aren't really crazy! :lol:
  14. Congrats on your paddie ... whiskey is a beautiful color!
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