I got my padded (Matelasse) in black!!!!!

Mar 5, 2006
Okay, THIS is how you're supposed to feel when you open a bag box. I love this bag. It's the small (or medium) and even bigger than I remember when I saw it in the store. Is it possible NM accidently sent me a large? No tape measure handy, but if I squash it, it's about the same dimensions as my apple laptop screen. But anyway, I don't care what anyone else thinks... I LOVE THIS BAG. Thanks everyone who said it was wonderful - you're right. :yahoo:


I have b-bag issues
Jun 23, 2006
YAY!!! Congrats, she is so beautiful! That is definitely the medium. I still have my large and I could fit two of yours inside it almost (well, not really). I was surprised at how big the medium is too. Enjoy her!!