I got my padded (Matelasse) in black!!!!!

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  1. Okay, THIS is how you're supposed to feel when you open a bag box. I love this bag. It's the small (or medium) and even bigger than I remember when I saw it in the store. Is it possible NM accidently sent me a large? No tape measure handy, but if I squash it, it's about the same dimensions as my apple laptop screen. But anyway, I don't care what anyone else thinks... I LOVE THIS BAG. Thanks everyone who said it was wonderful - you're right. :yahoo:
  2. congrats!!!! share the pics please:smile:
  3. that's so great! glad you are happy with your new baby! enjoy her! and pictures please!!!!
  4. :P Now you can't tease us like that and not post pictures! ;)

    I will be back to check them out, and I can't wait to see it. Congratulations!
  5. aw, shucks. it's the same as the others posted, but oh-kaaaay. As soon as I get a chance.
  6. here ya go.

    I took off the mirror already, although it's very cute.

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  7. it's so pretty! congrats!
  8. I really like it. I saw them in person at my closest Neiman and really liked the look of the bag.
  9. That is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  10. looooooooooooooove it! congrats! the leather is to die for!
  11. I think they're so fun! Congrats, looks great!
  12. wow.... pretty congratzzzzzzzzzzz cute
  13. YAY!!! Congrats, she is so beautiful! That is definitely the medium. I still have my large and I could fit two of yours inside it almost (well, not really). I was surprised at how big the medium is too. Enjoy her!!
  14. glimmer, you should sell it on ebay. that other seller is way overcharging. You could ask $1800-1900, give someone a decent deal, and still make a nice profit!
  15. Congrats! :party: Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. :yahoo: