I Got my Olive Sienna!!!

  1. I only have three words to describe the bag.

    Oh. My. God. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    The leather is so, so soft but sturdy. Having had the floral embossed one and now this one, I completely understand why everyone raves about the smooth leather. The color is wonderful, very neutral, it will go with every single thing I own but it also adds a touch of color and a little something.

    Yeah, yeah, I know you all want pictures. I have to first figure out how to showcase pictures. Secondly, I am dealing with my 2nd bout of strep and I am taking both of my daughters to the doctor this afternoon. My youngest has a fever and is out of it and my older one is talking like her mouth is filled with marbles. :sad: They are both on my lap as I write this.

    Thanks Lexie for posting about this bag!!!

  2. Congrats Judie! I am so happy that you love your Sienna! Looking forward to seeing the pics of a brand new one.

    Take care of your babies... Strep is certainly not very fun. :sad:
  3. Sounds gorgeous! can't wait to see it and I hope everyone feels better soon.
  4. That bag looked gorgeous, I'm so envious!!

    Take good care of the kiddies (and yourself!) Strep is nothing to mess around with..yikes, this is your second bout? Poor kids; that's just miserable!
  5. I hope everyone feels better soon hun, sick kiddos = no fun =(

    Congrats on your great find though, what a gorgeous go with everything bag! Love it!
  6. Thanks guys- well, thankfully, the girls are healthy. The youngest has a cold and my older daughter does have swollen glands but otherwise she is fine. She actually got strep a few weeks ago and it was the 1st time she was ever on antibiotics (she's almost 4). Then 2 days later I came down with a severe case. And now I came down with it again. GRRR!!!

    Anyway my pediatrician didn't want to medicate either of them at this time.

    I will get pictures later this week. :yes:
  7. Sorry to hear about you guys being sick Judie.

    Now you have me wondering about the smooth leather Sienna...Can't wait to see the pics!
  8. Yes, the smooth leather Sienna's are certainly a joy to have and hold. I also have one but in Moss. Congratulations on your new bag and best wishes for good health.
  9. Mine came in the mail today (my cognac Sienna) but I haven't opened it yet. Gotta go do a Church function but I will post tonight.

    I'm glad the Smooth Sienna was everything you wanted. Glad the kiddies and you are on the mend. I had strep twice last summer. Pain in the....throat!
  10. *oreos for the little ones*

    Congrats on your new bag, yipee!
  11. I'm gonna horn in on your thread and show you My Cognac Sienna. Gotta love these bags!

  12. Judie, concentrate on getting everybody back to good health and then we'll have the photos:smile:

    Leather is amazing, isn't it, wish they would release a new batch of them (or maybe it's better if they don't...)
  13. Congrats - the colour will go with pretty everything, including black and brown. I love not having to swap bags depending on my shoes that day.

    Curious though - what's the difference in colours between the Olive and the Moss? Can anyone indulge my curiousity with some pics of the two?
  14. Here's a link to a moss Sienna: Moss Sienna

    Click here to see the olive Sienna.

    The difference is that the moss is a lighter green with yellow undertones. The olive is a darker green with brown undertones. Make sense?
  15. Crystal clear now KL. Thanks so much for posting! I love that olive colour - it looks a little like the metallic army. Ha! I know! It's a stretch. :p