I got my obj of desire- Pink nappa gauffre tote!

  1. After lusting after it for weeks, I just had to get it before its all sold out! :yahoo:


  2. it's really pretty, congratulations!
  3. Beautiful! You are ready for summer now!
  4. so gorg
  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!! That is just stunning!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What a great pink color! That's it -- on my way to Prada today to see it!
  6. Lovely.
  7. Its gorgeous! May I ask what the measurements are? And will you post a modeling pic pls pls pls ;)
  8. Congrats -- do post modelling pics -- I think that bags looks really well "on" a person, better than just hanging out on it's own.
  9. It is lovely. It's such a beautiful, pale pink which I think will match with a lot.
  10. Ooohh Spendalot...........I absolutely LOVE it!! :love: Especially the color, Congrats!!
  11. LOVES!I just got the wallet in this color..SO PRETTY!
  12. That is such a beautiful, lady-like color!
  13. Gorgeous! Congratulations...I love it!
  14. wow, that's a stunning bag, congrats!

    and the color is so pretty, great choice!! :tup:
  15. pretty, congrats!