I got my Nordies Preorder today...

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  1. The Caslon leather jacket from page 27. I was beyond elated to get the XL, because that means I have finally lost enough weight in the rack-region to fit into not plus sizes on top.

    However, I am still having total remorse. I was aiming for biker/bomber jacket style and I am concerned that this doesn't quite hit that mark...

    So I can't decide if I should keep it.

    here are two awful photos of me in it. And I do mean awful.Try to ignore the filthy kitchen, office, and filthy me! Maybe these photos are bad enough to really make it look unflattering...lol.

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  2. I actually think it looks fabulous on you! Definitely a keeper! :tup:
  3. THANK YOU! The hubs likes it.
  4. LOVES IT!

    omg you are making me so excited to get mineeeee!!!
  5. I think it looks good on you! This jacket is really nice - it has structure to it without being stiff looking. Congrats!
  6. I think it looks great on you!
  7. I think it definitely looks good and looks like a biker jacket without looking like a teeny-bopper biker jacket. I really like it!. . .in fact. . .It might just make me take another look at that Nordy's catalog (like I NEED another coat! It was 110 degrees here yesterday. I live where it only gets cold for, what, a minute? in the winter and I love coats. SIGH!)
  8. TBH I think it's too big for you. If you want the biker style you want the sleeves to be narrower and more fitted
  9. That's what I was thinking too. The body is fine, snug enough that it fits close but not that I can't wear a shirt under it.

    The arms are where I'm not sure. Do you guys think someone can take those in? They are like way roomy.
  10. wow! that is gorgeous.

    I was eyeing the same jacket and another when I was going through the catalogue

    I think its perfect on you. Do you plan on wearing layers under it? unless your only going to wear tank tops I think its a good fit, and after a couple of wears it will mold to your body.
  11. I usually only wear layered t-shirts in winter. Most I wear beyond that is a tshirt with an Under Armor fleece thing. I tried it on with a tshirt and it was good. The SA said not to go any bigger, but the large seemed too snug.

    My "fashion" seriously is a joke. Stacy and Clinton would snore.
  12. I'm not sure as it's leather and it requires a heftly needle on the machine. With the arms having them shortened and brought in a little would drastically change the look for the better

    Was the large definitely too small? It's just that from the pics it looks a little large in the body too. If you go smaller it may be that you won't be able to zip up to the neck because of your bust size but the fit on the rest may look better

    I don't want to tell you to go smaller and then it's too small but to get the look you are going for the jacket definitely needs to be more fitted
  13. I am going to take it up to Nordstrom on Friday with me and see about trying that Large on again. I can then exchange it if needed. Not like I can wear it for a few more months :smile:
  14. It's definitely worth trying as you want to be 100% happy with it
  15. I think Ill do that. Hopefully they still have the Large to try on.