I got my new necklace!!

  1. I'm wearing it right now and I love it! :yahoo:
    It's Roberto Coin tiny treasures skull necklace. 18K white gold with 1/5 ct of diamonds. It's soooo cute :love:
    It looks like this- http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/productImagesPopup.jhtml?selected=mg&mwsInfo=large&item=prod28110016
    If anyone wants to see a picture of it on I can post one when I get home from work tonight.
    Not the most expensive or timeless piece of jewelry but I think it will be a lot of fun for the summer.
  2. congrats!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Very pretty! I love it!
  5. very very cool, we'd love to see pics! pics makes the world go round!
  6. congratulations! i'm glad that you love it so much!
  7. Very cute!
  8. Pictures!!
    RC skull #1.jpg RC skull #2.jpg
  9. Congrats! It looks so cute on you!
  10. Congrats!!
    So Cute!!!
  11. thanks girls! I just love it- it just seems like a pirate kind of summer. :biggrin:
  12. thanks! It's a little smaller than I would normally do but a big skull and crossbones would be overwhelming and scary... I though this one was cute.
  13. Adorable! And you have the most beautiful eyes! What are they, blue-green? :smile:
  14. I like it. It looks really good on you.
  15. Congrats!
    It's stunning!