I got my new GRIET-DAMIER today!!

  1. I am so excited!! I love this bag! I ordered her yesterday by phone and she finally arrived this afternoon. I took her to the mall and out to dinner tonight :smile: The bag is big and super roommy ( I didn't remember the Mono version being this big when I tried it on earlier this week)...I absolutely love the size! I will share some pics with you all shortly!
  2. OH MY GOD I cannot wait to see pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my dream bag!
  3. oh good so it does work as a shoulder bag! :nuts:

  4. Yes! It looks better on the shoulder...its too bulky to wear on the arm kind of like the Ursula.
  5. Congrats! Thanks for the pics! It looks great :smile:
    Though it looks like it may be too big for my use...hmm
  6. Oh this bag is divine! It looks terrific on you!!! Beautiful, just beautiful!! Congratulations!!
  7. great bag ! look great on u !
  8. Thanks for the photos .. it looks fab on you:heart:
  9. Thanks!! I loooove it!
  10. Congrats... It looks great on you!! Enjoy
  11. Fabulous bag!!!

    Looks beautiful on you!
  12. OH MY GOD!! I love it. I ask my bf to go into LV for me yesterday to look at it. The SA told my BF its SGD5600 (3700USD). I was like "NO WAY".
  13. Gorgeoussss.....

  14. BEAUTIFUL, you're my type of LV style girl