I got my new expandable!!!! PICS!!

  1. Here it is! Thanks to Jill's enabling. ;)
    I :heart: it.

    June 19 031.jpg

    June 19 032.jpg
  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!Glad I could be the enabler for once!LOL!heehee!

    I have been wearing my black one all week..its such a fab bag!!
  3. gorgeous! i love the expandable! congrats :smile:
  4. Love the expandable! Congrats!:tup:
  5. I have the same bag, my one and only Chanel! I love it and the leather is so soft!! Congrats!!
  6. beautiful bag. Congrats.
  7. What a nice looking bag, I love the size too!!!!
  8. WOW...it's sooooooooooo gorgeous!!! :nuts: :love:

    The expandables are really growing on me! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  9. Thank you ladies! I wasn't really looking for yet another black chanel bag, but this was so irrisistible.
  10. it's gorgeous!!

    When you and Jill and anyone else that has a bag from this Ligne, please post pics and info in the Reference Library. I started a new thread this morning.
  11. nice looking bag...
    I've got the white one, but if I could do it again ... I would definately go for the blk instead of the white....

    at least, i don't have to "WORRY" all the time when I take it out.. I mean worry that I 'll get it dirty!

    Blk is a all- season color!!!
    Smart choice!
  12. I like them more and more everytime I see one! It's gorgy! Congrats and enjoy!!
  13. I love that bag!
  14. Very hot!!!!
  15. Gorgeous bag! Congrats & enjoy. =)