I got my new Ergo Turquoise Tote!!!

  1. Hi All:

    I just wanted to share that I received my new Ergo Large Tote in
    Turquoise and it is absolutely beautiful. It is just the perfect size. :yes:
    If anyone is sitting on the fence about this one, I recommend it highly.
    IMG_0548_1.jpg IMG_0554_1.jpg
  2. Niiiiice. :smile:
  3. So pretty, I love it!
  4. Wow, its beautiful!! Congrats
  5. It has a real Euro look to it. Like the kind that is carried for general shopping on Saturday and she will put all her purchases in her own bag. Like it!
  6. Very pretty- Congrats!
  7. Is that the large size or the xl? I really like how roomy it looks.
  8. That's very pretty...and it looks good on you...I like how the pink top that you are wearing in the picture really makes it stand out...:yes:
  9. handbaghelen:

    This is the large size which is on page 71 of the new catalog.
    It is style No. 10744 and retails for $422.
  10. Thanks! That would plenty big for me. It looks great on you!
  11. Liz, it's gorgeous!! And it looks fabulous on you! Congratulations! I'm glad I went ahead and ordered the large! I can hardly wait 'til it gets here!
  12. That is such a lovely color!! Congrats. Makes me want to get one now, maybe the smaller version. It would definitely liven up my collection, all i have right now are whites, blacks, and whiskey.

    LOVE IT!:yes:
  14. tsloveshim:

    You are going to love the large size. I originally purchased the smaller version but it did not meet my needs. The large size is perfect for me to
    carry my knitting and other stuff. You will love yours once you receive it.
    Post pictures when you get it.:yes:
  15. I actually have the Large Turquoise Ergo on my Coach.com wish list!

    Now that I've seen you wearing it, I may have to order it!:graucho: