I got my new Ergo Sig Large Hobo today & I <3 it but...

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  1. ...it seems so stiff! I put my things in it & tried it on & wow-so stiff! :shrugs: Does anyone else have this bag? (dumb ? i know) How long does it take to break it in? I don't remember any of my other bags being like this. Please tell me it's going to be OK!
  2. I noticed that when I was trying them on too...
  3. I have only seen them stuffed on the shelves. I was wondering if they would slouch.
  4. I have a medium Leather Ergo Tote and it hasn't slouched or lost it's structure at all since using it. I will be picking up the large Ergo Sig Tote in a couple days from Macy's -- when I tried it on I got the impression that it wouldn't be getting slouchy, either.

    BTW, I hate to ask this because it proves to everyone how uncool and old I am, but what does :heart: mean? I have seen it other places, too, and I could never figure it out. :blush:
  5. I think it is a heart or means love? :heart:
  6. Yep. :yes: So from her title she is saying "I love it" as "I :heart: it". :smile:
  7. I'm so sad now! I'm not sure if I can deal with it being so stiff. I really love the way it looks...just not on! I guess it's a good thing I haven't popped the tags yet. I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not.:confused1:
  8. Gina I think that maybe over years it will soften up but not a lot, not like that amazing buttery Legacy leather. :shrugs: Maybe you should check out a Legacy leather bag! If you don't already have one.
  9. I too have an Ergo hobo. It is the Large turquoise one
    No. 10741. Unfortunately I have not used it as I am afraid it will not soften up like my other Ergos from five years ago - 9227 and 9228. The leather is definitely a baseball glove leather. My earlier ergos were soft and slouchy from the beginning. My Coach SA says that it will soften as I wear it, but I just don't know. I may exchange it for the Red Ergo Hobo when it comes out.
    Good luck making your decision!

    By the way, if you want a soft slouchy signature hobo you might want to consider the Soho Signature Hobo
    No. 10601. kidlearner has it in blue and it is lovely.

  10. Oh, I get it!! :idea: The light bulb just flickered on! I kept thinking to myself, "what's less than three?" DUH!!!
  11. ;) That made me laugh..I ask my daughter all the time what all the new icons mean.
  12. WOW! :wtf: Years? I never keep a bag for that long! I get tired of them fast, sell & buy new ones! It's a vicious cycle. I guess i'll look at it for a few days & try to decide. Thanks for the advice!!
  13. That is so funny!
  14. Hey G*Na Do you have a pic of your Ergo hobo? I thought about getting one and want to see how it looks on...

    And i noticed you have a Carly too any pics of that? i don't know if you have already posted them somewhere... if you have could you direct me where? Thanks!
  15. lol that made me laugh...too funny! :p