I got my new cola Ursula bowler!

  1. I received it! I am so happy, that eBay seller was awesome (she even sent me the bag in the MJ box!). Here are two pictures, with and without the flash (note that my cat Joseph is in love with my bag too!).
    Cola 1.jpg Cola 2.jpg
  2. Hi,
    Love the bag! Colour is so pretty.
  3. That color is soooo classy! I love it. Congrats!!!
  4. Thanks! Color is a mix of brown and grey. Its classic and conservative. I really like it!

  6. Your bag is beautiful! Congrats!!
  7. Cola is a great color....lovely bag!
  8. Cola! The name of this colour made me come look at this thread, and that bag is beautiful! :drool:
  9. I've always loved the Cola color. Congrats, it's a beauty!!
  10. Soo Pretty!! Congrats!
  11. Stunning bag--congrats!!!
  12. I can't decide what's prettier, your kitty or your Ursula :smile: I love the color on that bag.
  13. Congrats, beautiful bag, enjoy and what a handsome cat :smile:
  14. congrats roche! don't you absolutely love her? :smile: the patent cola is beautiful.
  15. So pretty - that color is so unique!