I got my new bag today!!!!

  1. Well, fed ex finally came!!! I got my new White MC pouchette. It is so cute!!!!! It is a little on the small side, but for the summer I just like to carry the essentials, not be bogged down with a big bag. My last one was the Manhattan PM, and I need a break from carrying that on my arm!!!! I love it, it's soooooooo cute!!!!!! :love: :biggrin:
  2. It's The Best Bag! ENJOY!
  3. That's the only thing I like from the MC line. Enjoy!
  4. It's such a cute bag! Enjoy!
  5. congrats... oooh, i'd like to see pix.
  6. Congrat's..
  7. congratS!!!!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Congrats to you!
  10. Enjoy it.. I'm waiting for mine to come too!!!
  11. Congrats!!! Post some pics.
  12. Congrats, that's a fab bag !
  13. Enjoy your new LV!
  14. That's a cute bag! Congrats!
  15. What are you able to fit in a pouchette? Congrats! I want something MC soooooooo badly.