I got my natural Ali.....

  1. And there is an ES stamped in the creed... someone else got an ES in there bag too, I can't remember who it is.. It is DEFINITELY and E not a F.. I'm gonna try to get a pic later.. Did we determine that is a Final Sale?

    It's in perfect condition, nothing wrong with it all all. It's new and it came with the dustbag... I don't see why it would be a final sale:confused1:
  2. Please try to get a pic...
  3. ok... good as I could get...

    it's upside down so it's like a S a nd backwards E .. I took the pic where is is ES
  4. oh and while I was blowdrying my hair I was wondering if the fact that the seller lived in Jacksonville had anything to do with it... like maybe an Employee Sale ? Maybe I should ask if they work for JAX ?
  5. That's a reasonable thought...can any Coach SAs chime in?
  6. I don't know if they do anything different in JAX but none of my purchases have any marks of any kind in them.
  7. hmmm :confused1: Haven't seen that one before. Do you like the bag though?

  8. No, I really don't think I do like it... it's the same color as my Vintage ergo and I like the ergo much more, in this color...
  9. Oh, no! I'm so sorry you aren't liking it! You poor thing! I am curious about the ES though. Would JAX know? You'd think they would but I just wondered.

  10. Well it's pretty and the leather is very nice but I really think the ergo is better looking in the color.. I don't think I will be keeping it.

    I just took a better look at the box they sent it in and it's the same box that JAX sends.. well the tape is the same if you know what I mean... HMMMMMMMMMMMMM...
  11. Perhaps it came from the scap sale?

  12. Elaborate please... I don't know what this is :confused1:
  13. that stamp thing is weird.. I think the natural ali is beautiful... have you contacted the seller to ask them what it means? If the did not disclose that and it is final sale or something I would demand a refund. :tdown: I hope someone can help you out.. let us know what you find out! :yes:

  14. I did email to ask them... they haven't responded. I will ask for a refund if this ends up being a final sale item.. They did not disclose anything about this stamp. It was pretty poorly listed so I got it at a good price at least... :s
  15. that's good to know! Can I ask what you paid :shrugs: