i got My MuiMui studded pumps!!!

  1. ok ladies - brace yourself....I have these in my hallway!!!!!!!!
  2. LOVE THEM! They are really beautiful, Monablu! I love Miu Miu shoes! Congrats!
  3. thank u girlina :heart:
    - these are my first M purchase on my 'own' without them being a purchase for work or on an expense account. WOOOha!
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ! That's great! What are you going to wear them with? Dresses, skirts, jeans? They would be sooo cute with just about anything!:yes:
  5. I'm a cuffed up distressed denim girl with a boy-beater with fabulous shoes and handbag type of girl. I rarely wear anything else not in this vein...i.e. camo-capris with blingy-boy beater and stilettos or love-worn super soft old school levi 501's with cherry red pumps and a kmart boybeater and big hair and a fendi bag etc.

    when I go out I always either wear a black dress or a white dress and color only on my shoes, nails, accent jewelry, eyeshadow and handbag...all in the same shade. My friend's say I'm major OCD with my wardrobe and I don't argue...lol.

    these particular shoes I'm thinking denim bermudas and a spaghetti strap brown tank with lots of fake gold jewelry sheila-e style! :lol:
  6. You are soooo funny with the Sheila-e jewelry!! OMG! That's hilarious! The outfit sounds great! That's me....jeans and a tank or (I call it a wife beater) with fierce shoes and great bag!

    When you go out, do you go to clubs? When my hubby and I are in LA we always stay at the Mondrian and go to the Sky Bar. We're looking for other nice, laid back clubs to go to in August. Maybe I should PM you if it's okay?
  7. Hey no shame in those!! If I weren't so tall, I would wear them too!!! They are way cute
  8. I was eyeing those!!!! They are nice, hope you enjoy.
  9. I'm not a regular HIGH heel wearer but darned if these don't look comfortable - are they?
  10. sure thing!! Maybe me and OJ can meet up with you guys and do drinks or something. OJ loves clubs but I'm more of a martini lounge/jazz club/dinner and drinks kind of chica. but YA for sure hit me up! :P
  11. they actually are - plus I have those aldo-high heel relief inserts that work sooooooooo good!
  12. Sounds great! Thanks!
  13. Love them ......
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Nice! Love miu miu shoes...
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