I got my MJ today!!

  1. I just got my limited edition Marc Jacobs Sofia in Butterscotch...here are some pictures! A little worried about it getting dirty though...
    Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg
  2. Ooh, wow! Where did you find that color????
  3. Ooo...that's pretty! Get some good leather protectant (apple is good...leatherstuff.com).
  4. Cute bag! Congratulations!
  5. Beautiful bag, SuLi!!! LOVE the color and the style! Thanks for posting pics! Enjoy it!
  6. nice bag SuLi, i think it looks really cute and soft!!! :smile:
  7. I love that color! Congrats!
  8. Thanks for the kind comments...will look into Apple Garde.

    Pseub - I got it off eBay last week for $280!!! It retailed for $975, and hasn't been used...new, with tags and dustbag! Did you ever get your white Stella?
  9. Yes, but I just couldn't get used to the size, it was so big! It looked really out of proportion to me (I'm 5'2") and felt awkward. I returned it, and have a white Sophia waiting for me to pick up at Neimans. Much better size for me.
  10. That is a gorgeous color! So cute for Spring/Summer. Enjoy it :nuts:
  11. Very nice!!! The leather and the color look yummy!!! Congrats and enjoy your bag SuLi!!
  12. Is it with the original hardware?
  13. omg that's so cute, I love that! Great deal you got, too!
  14. Yes! :biggrin: I ended up getting one in black and one in antique white. I'm going to carry the black one today on its maiden voyage, and am hopefully picking up the white today (SA at Neimans is holding for me).
  15. I love that color!!!