I got my MJ Christy bag this morning...

  1. ...but I'm SO disappointed! First, the dustbag was covered in what could only be described as yarn remanants! It's SO dirty! My officemate, a guy who could care less about bags, even commented on it (funny comment he made when I opened the box, "Your bag comes in a bag?" ). And, sadly, the bag definitely looks like one that has been handled quite a bit. The end of the leather strap was curling, and there some minor scratches.

    I feel like this is my fault. I should learn to just buy an MJ bag that I am coveting instead of waiting until it's gone from the store, and then asking my SA to find it for me.
  2. I'm so sorry Suli! :sad: It seems like stores are caring less and less about the condition of merchandise they sell. Is it something you could live with if they discounted the bag or do you think you are just going to return it?
  3. At this point, I'm going to wait until I go home to inspect it further. I was actually debating between this bag and the seventies tote that you received. I was trying to be brave and buy something with a huge punch of color.
  4. That sucks! I hope it gets worked out!
  5. Aww SuLi, that's not fun! What color did you get? Pics?!
  6. ^I don't have a camera with me at work, but it was the navy color:

    (Picture from BlueBee)

    I will try taking pictures tonight.
  7. Too bad, the color is pretty.
  8. Oh SuLi! You've had a string of bad MJ bag luck lately! :sad: I just hope it's a little better once you inspect it a little more closely. Let us know what happens.
  9. Oh no! Not another MJ disaster for you.... Would you consider keeping it if they gave you a discount for this sorry bag? The color really is pretty.
  10. ^ I swear, I'm almost ready to give up on MJ! I have been seriously cheating with Jimmy Choo and YSL (don't throw rocks at me please :sweatdrop:). I think part of it is that my tastes are changing, and the fact that there hasn't been anything by MJ in the last year that's given me that "Wow!" feeling. I don't know if I rushed to get the Christy in navy because I have been searching for the perfect blue bag all year.

    I was about to take pictures of the bag last night, but my camera batteries were dead. The bag looks okay upon further inspection. I'll try to take some pictures tonight.

    I'm leaning towards returning the bag - I think the gold hardware looks a little too harsh against the color.
  11. aww suli... i'm sorry to hear all that. i hope you end up with what you want in the end- whatever that may be :smile:

    i really like the gold with this blue, but thats just me... the color is sooo pretty and the punch of color would be nice for fall, but the seventies tote is gorgeous too but irl its closer to black than navy.

    good luck!
  12. Are you able to exchange it for a different color? I saw and tried on the natural and the black at my local Saks, and both are just gorgeous in this style with the gold hardware. I absolutely love the Christy style. I have not seen the blue IRL, but maybe you can try a different color if you love the style but don't love the blue/gold combo.
    Good luck!
  13. I love the blue with the gold hardware. It's a beautiful contrast in colors. I hope it works out for you - it's just too beautiful to give up.
  14. Hi everyone -

    I decided to keep the bag....

    I've had some really bad news from home (my aunt's mother passed away on Friday, and my grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer), so I'm going to keep it to cheer me up.
  15. oh no, suli! i am so sorry to hear that. my condolences to you and your family. i'm glad you have something that can bring you some happiness even if it's very small. i would give you a hug if i could!