I Got My Millionaires In Black!!

  1. :yahoo:After some begging and pleading I managed to get these without being waitlisted for them!:yahoo:
    I picked them up from the Bond Street Strore. My SA Diego was really helpful, he didn't seem to get frustrated even after I kept nagging him to give me them. Bless him.:heart:
    That luxury wooden box is to friggin' die for.:wlae:
    I'm gonna take some better pictures later, but I'm really tired right, it's like 1AM over here, and I need to wake up early tomorrow.
    Any questions PM me.
    Oh Yeah, I realised I needed these after I saw Matt in his Teal ones so you owe me like, £500 Matt. :p LOL:roflmfao:
    Picture 2.jpg Picture 3.jpg
  2. congrats on getting your hands on the millionares. They look HOT! you should post some pics of yourself with them on.
  3. Congrats. They are so fab!
  4. They look amazing! I'm hoping we get modeling pics tomorrow! :nuts:
  5. Congrats! model pics please

    I can not believe you got them they told us they were all sold out over a week ago,
  6. congrats! Those are hot!
  7. Nice!!
  8. I forgot to add this image as well.
    I promise I will take some better pictures including that wooden box.mmmmmm.....
    And some modelling shots tomorrow or the day after.
    Picture 4.jpg
  9. You must have done some really good begging and pleading - I'm glad it worked! Congrats, can' wait to see modeling pics tomorrow!
  10. oh my god - these are amazing ... I've never really been into LV sunglasses, always though they were abit outdated, but these are SO fab.

    I better check out the new collections, guess i was wrong about LV sunglasses ;)
  11. congrats on the sunnies!! those are so hott...can't wait for the modeling shots!
  12. Congrats!:smile:
  13. Congrats! Very hot!
  14. Congrats on your new sunnies!!
  15. you do not understand how jealous i am!!
    i think those are the most "hot" louis piece ever.