I got my Matelasse today!

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  1. :yahoo: I love her! :heart:

    I have one question for those of you who also own this bag...

    Mine came with the padded mirror attached to the outside zipper. Is that normal? I didn't like how the the leather tassel was being zipped over when I want to close the bag so I took it off. There isn't any place inside the bag for me to reattach so I'm wondering what to do...just keep it unattached inside the bag? :shrugs:
  2. Oooooh lets see pics! Congrats!!
  3. I'd love to see pics, and congrats on a great purchase! I always remove my mirror immediately and store it in the dustbag, so I am not much help.

    OT but Kimmie....your avatar pic is gorgeous! You are so blessed with such a beautiful family!
  4. [​IMG]



  5. sooo pretty!!!! congrats!!!! Im so happy you finally got the bag that you have been lusting for!!!
  6. yay, pepper!!! Isn't it sooooooo purty? My mirror came tied to the bottom of one of the handles, but I took it off right away. I can't imagine walking around with the mirror hanging. (It is a pretty mirror, though, and more than most, it does add to the bag. If only there was a way to shorten the cord and have it there, but not in the way) Anyway, don't you love it? Isn't is shockingly roomy?
  7. I love it!
  8. I :heart: this bag! I got the medium (small) and it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be. But I love that I will be able to put all my stuff in it and still have room to groove. :smile: I guess I'll just keep the mirror on the inside unattached.
  9. Like Lori, i always keep my mirror in the dustbag with all the authenticity cards and extra tassels.
  10. Congrats! That bag is a beauty!
  11. Ooohhhh...I'm SO jealous! Congrats!
  12. COngrats!! i'm almost jealous :smile:
  13. Congrats Pepper LaRue in finally getting the gorgeous black matelasse!!

    Now, where the hell is mine!?! :cursing:

  14. oooh, very nice! Congrats!
  15. Thanks you guys! I'm really glad I decided to let my DH get it for me. He was so excited he actually opened the boxes for me! :nuts:

    Uh oh...have you been waiting long? I went ahead and spent an extra $35 for the two day delivery which is why I got it so fast.