I got my Market Tote in Tangerine yesterday


Jun 8, 2007
The color is beautiful, beautiful...but I'm sad to say that the bag isn't going to work for me--its really heavy and it won't stay on my shoulder...my justification for it was that it would be big enough to use as a sometimes baby bag, but I think it just won't be comfortable. I do think the other colors with the diff. leathers are prob. a lot lighter. I love the tang. color though--its soo pretty irl!

I must rave for ClutchSeattle.com though. They were really nice to work with and have a standing 20% code for PF'ers. They included a free Hayden Harnett coin purse in matching colors to the bag and a beautiful thank you card. I will def. order from them again.


Aug 14, 2006
Hi! Sorry that the market tote didn't work out for you. I returned my tangerine one as well because, like you, it won't be used as an everyday bag - mostly for days when I have to go into the office or to meetings and I want to look cute. I already have one in Dusty, so I felt like I really didn't need two. Plus, with the stiffer glazed leather on the tangerine, the bag was quite noisy since the leather kept rubbing against the side grommets.