I got my Market Tote in Tangerine yesterday

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  1. The color is beautiful, beautiful...but I'm sad to say that the bag isn't going to work for me--its really heavy and it won't stay on my shoulder...my justification for it was that it would be big enough to use as a sometimes baby bag, but I think it just won't be comfortable. I do think the other colors with the diff. leathers are prob. a lot lighter. I love the tang. color though--its soo pretty irl!

    I must rave for ClutchSeattle.com though. They were really nice to work with and have a standing 20% code for PF'ers. They included a free Hayden Harnett coin purse in matching colors to the bag and a beautiful thank you card. I will def. order from them again.
  2. What's the code for PFers? I'll have to check them out.
  3. Hi! Sorry that the market tote didn't work out for you. I returned my tangerine one as well because, like you, it won't be used as an everyday bag - mostly for days when I have to go into the office or to meetings and I want to look cute. I already have one in Dusty, so I felt like I really didn't need two. Plus, with the stiffer glazed leather on the tangerine, the bag was quite noisy since the leather kept rubbing against the side grommets.
  4. Its "baglove" some of their prices are lower than LB as well.
  5. i tried preordering from clutch . they were sold out of all the mams.