I got my Macy's toki stuff and...........

  1. I def don't care for the Zucca bag. Crap! Now I have 4 zuccas to return and I wasted my 20% off coupon!!

    How many people like the zucca bag?? I like the style of it but just think it's way too big and too soft/unstructured to have for such a big bag.
  2. I think you're jut too used to how your gucci's feel, :p;)

    I really like the gucci abbey hobo- congrats
  3. aww well you could always try to sell them since you did get them discounted? people would be willing to pay retail + shipping in some cases
  4. Really? I think it's more structured than my other bags (Mamma Mias are the second biggest ones I have). You should just sell them on eBay if they are Amore, they are going for $200+ xD;
  5. my first post! yay! if it is amore and you are interested in selling, i would definitely be interested in buying :smile:
  6. ^you might want to edit your post before you get into trouble like i did once, lol. Just tryna look out for fellow toki lovers :biggrin: Apparently you can't buy/trade in this forum, only in TPF marketplace.

    But yeah, is the Zucca really that big? My gioco is the biggest I've got.
  7. You should post some pics!
  8. IMHO Zucca isn't THAT big. It's large, but I don't think it's any bigger than the Gioco. But I guess it's all subjective.
  9. I love my Zucca, wears and feels like my MJ Stella tote! (I know, not really a comparison--heavy, leather, etc. compared to lightwt. fabric, but the shapes are really similar).
  10. Gosh, when is Transporto supposed to come out? I need a zucca in that lol.
  11. I LOVE my Zuccas. I have three now (Adios, Inferno and Paradiso) and at some point will get them in any other prints I can find them in for below retail.

    I think it ihas a lot of structure especially when you consider how floppy the BV, MM and Giocos are....
  12. what prints are your zuccas in again?
  13. was this the group of amores you bought online?
  14. yeah this was the amore stuff I got online. I also bought a mamma mia in pirata that I got for like 30% off at a diff store and yeah it is sorta floppy compared to the zucca but ALOT smaller!

    I got 2 lamore and 2 pirata zuccas
  15. I'm wondering if I should do that with the adios zucca... but if I do I might have to buy more and there's no guarantee I'd like those ones either :wondering I've been trying to find an adios zucca I like but I haven't yet :p