I got my Lion, Toucan and FROG!

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  1. And I can't decide which one I love more! I didn't even know it shipped and they all just came in! Oh WOW they are TOO CUTE. The lions main is furry, the frog is shiny and the toucan is soft! Now I NEED A Tortoise!!! Any of you ladies looking to get rid of yours you know who to call! ;D
    I can't WAIT to take pictures! I don't think I'll ever be able to part with these cuties!:heart::heart::heart:
  2. oh, i can't wait ot SEE pix!
  3. yay! Those are really cute, I just don't think I can justify yet, another charm or keyfob! :smile:
  4. They are the cutest charms! I want to toucan sooooooo bad!
  5. I sold my other ones to help pay for these. I'm crazy for animals, how could I not get them! ;)

    lol The frog so far has gotten quite a few laughs from the ppl here at work who feel sorry for the poor squished thing. Ha!
  6. OOHH!! I want the lion:yes: Did you order them online?
  7. How cute! You'll have to start a zoo when you add the turtle. Perhaps you can dig up last year's monkey somewhere too to add to your managerie.
  8. I ordered it all via the phone!
  9. You're right, Candy--you definitely need the turtle! He's my favorite!
  10. yay Candy!! cannot wail to see pics of them!!! you almost have a little jungle there!!