#&@!!**% I got my large Stroke Me today and its glossy instead of matte!


Aug 14, 2006
I'm sorry guys, I am so mad. I am never doing a bespoke again. I wanted matte apple green leather and I got a glossy apple green. Between this and the extra long handles on the fuschia, I am done. There is just too many things that can be miscommunicated, it isn't worth the risk.

This is so freaking ridiculous! I thought the glossy was only available by special request, so I didn't specify that I wanted matte. Didn't think it was necessary.

I ordered it through Stitch, and I don't think Nicole knew any better, so its not like I can get mad at her and ask her to take the bag back.

Sorry for the negative post, I just need to vent.:cursing:


Jan 15, 2008
Awww circoit, so sorry to hear about your bag. Even though, as you said, it was a bespoke, I am surprised, and don't see why you can't return it, or at least exchange or get a credit note for it....as it's not your fault. But, I agree bespokes can have its disadvantages, due to all the communication issues. :tdown:


Jan 15, 2007
I feel for you. I hope you can find a way to love your bags. Hang out with them awhile. I think to have everything in writing, confirmed, is the way to go when doing a bespoke. I'm with CityChris -- I thought there was only one apple leather and it was always glossy.


Mar 29, 2007
I'm so sorry to hear this! I, too, only thought that the apple green was glossy. I didn't realize that you could do a bespoke through anyone other than BE directly. Is there any way you could communicate with them? Maybe even to BE and explain that this isn't what you expected and because of that, you need to return the bag.

It never hurts to ask. It's a lot of money to have tied up in something if you don't love it, so it's worth a try. I sure hope it works out for you.


Sep 16, 2006
I'm really sorry to hear that your bags aren't what you expected. I agree that you have to be very careful with bespokes. I would at least try to talk with Stitch and BE. They may know someone else who would love those bags and hook you up, but I know the down side will be that you don't have the bags you have been waiting for. That's just awful.:sad:


Dec 27, 2006
Circoit, I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted :sad:..and I feel somewhat to blame, since I talked up the glossy apple with Jackie. I think it's worth speaking to Nicole about this....certainly if she communicated to Jackie or Ashley, there should have been some clarification since there are two apple green colors running around (and I would hope that BE would take the lead on it, since they are more in the know).

I know how disappointed you must be (and frustrated!)...the matte apple and the glossy apple are *completely* different....In my working with the LMM bespoke order for the glossy apple, I made sure to write out "glossy apple green leather" each and every time, since I was paranoid.


Aug 5, 2006
This does show the importance of being as clear as possible about all the details and not assuming anything. I agree you should contact Nicole and/or Jackie, maybe Nicole first because you bought the bag from Stitch. She may be able to find another buyer for the bag as this is a rare color/style combination.


In deo speramus
Oct 15, 2007
circoit, I wonder if your SM Apple Green order was merged into the SM Apple Green Glossy bespoke order ~ like the one gga purchased.

Thanks Tash1 for posting the link to the thread that shows the Matte Apple Green leather ~ indeed, it is quite lovely!

citychris, you raise an especially significant point about being crystal clear when submitting a custom order. If memory serves me right, Jackie had the LMM Apple Green Glossy in the works, as well as the SM Apple Green Glossy. I only recall the Hold Me in the Matte Apple Green and wasn't aware that anyone else had ordered the Matte Apple Green in any of the styles.

Part and parcel of what drives me simply batty about the bespoke order threads is that I find them quite confusing between all the chit-chat banter. When I started the thread about the fuchsia bespoke order, I included all the specs and asked for feedback. I also updated it a few times to reflect greater clarity, as I based its original specs on my Dark Grey LM Midi.

I do recall there was also confusion in the Dark Grey LMM bespoke ~ which eventually morphed into the LM Midi once the ladies got to talking and revised its specs. Then, after people placed their deposits, there was further discussion about additional revisions, which became the source of confusion, disappointment, and displeasure. And, when I thought its bottom depth would measure 5-1/4" as it did in its finalized specs, it is actually about an inch less (which delighted me greatly!).

Basically, bespoke order details are getting lost in the midst of all the back-and-forth chit-chat banter. Sure, it's all fun in the moment, but clearly not afterwards once the order arrives and expectations are unmet.

I suggest the bespoke order threads remain clutter-free and stick to the specs and all subsequent revisions. This will remind and assure all bespoke participants what will be produced, so they know exactly what they will receive with no surprises.

There should surely be additional threads where the chit-chat banter is welcomed, so the ladies may express their excitement, ideas, and tangential conversation ~ but not at the cost of the key info getting lost within the entirety of the actual bespoke order thread.

Just my $.02, for what it's worth.