I Got My Kooba!

  1. YAY! I bought the Kooba Brynne tonight in color Oak. I love her! Two questions though while I have tags on with receipt - I looked first at Saks and they did not have her in Oak, so I actually got her at Bloomingdale's. Stupid question, I know, but I am so paranoid so I must ask if Bloomie's definitely gets all bags from Kooba directly? They said they did. So no worries about authenticity? Secondly, I noticed on the oak color a couple of 'imperfections' that you'll find b/c the leather is so soft and high quality. I have always heard that to be true, you all agree that this is normal on real leather? Thank you for my silly questions, I will post pics soon! :smile: :smile:
  2. Congrats on your new Kooba!
  3. I would love to see pictures. Yes, no authenticity issues with Bloomies... I had a burnt orange (can't remember the name) Sienna from there that I loved. Most of their bags do have those marks but if they bother you, take it back and exchange it.

    Congrats -- post pictures!! I can't wait to see them!
  4. Most of Bloomie's or Kooba's have marks? LOL

    And thank you!
  5. No, sorry! Most of the Kooba's are vintaged looking in some way... I am sorry! That is what I get for watching basketball and typing!!

  6. Oh cool, well it doesn't bother me, and I have noticed it on the Koobas before in the darker colors, was just being paranoid and double and triple checking everything - thanks!! :smile:
  7. Congrats! I envy you!!
  8. bloomie's definitely gets all their bags right fromf KOOBA...also, those scratches are normal for the kooba leather...i have marks on my sienna and jessie...can't wait to get my natasha! wear her well and take pics!!!!
  9. Bloomies only has authentic Kooba.
    Also to chime in, I have subtle variations in the leather of my Kooba too.
    I love your bag, enjoy!!
  10. Here she is! (Don't mind my messy kitchen) I took the stuffing out of her and haven't filled her with all of my stuff yet so she is a bit limpy looking but I will lovingly transfer all of my things tomorrow. :smile:

  11. Oh and thanks everyone so much!
  12. That's a beautiful Bag. I always liked the Marcelle but it seemed so trendy. The Brynne seems like a classier version of the Marcelle. That color is gorgeous.
    Those little marks are natural and will occur with use. They add character to the bag.
  13. Thank you Lexie, I appreciate it!
  14. Wow, that's a beauty! It looks much nicer in person than on a website. I really like that color..it makes the bag look so rich. I'm a Kooba lover, too. (and also inspected each bag wondering if everything was ok) And I think that I'm really lovin' that bag. Congratulations and enjoy!
  15. I have the Brynne in Black so I can't really see markings. But on my Lucy, you can see markings. I don't mind it at all since I like the "distressed" look. Btw, the Oak color is lovely! Congrats!