I got my JOSEPHINE!! Yayyyyy!!!!!


Aug 27, 2006
I got a call Wednesday morning from the mailman at my door (the intercom goes to my cell phone) but I was at the boyfriend's so I told him to leave a note for me and thank you very much. But when I got home that night there was no note on my mailbox OR my apartment door. I wasn't sure what it was because I have several packages coming in the mail. The next day I didn't get any notice either so I called Canada Post and they said if I don't have a tracking number there is no way they can find it. :cursing: (Basically......packages just got lost because of some SIMPLE but VERY IMPORTANT error by Canada Post and too bad?) The eBay seller said she didn't have a tracking number for me but she did have a receipt number from USPS. I called one post office near me and they didn't have my package. I happened to be checking through my e-mails and came across that receipt number and just for the heck of it, decided to try calling it in with CANADA Post. Success!!!! They tracked it and said it was at that next post office I was going to call. I had to pay $65CDN in customs. Ouch. But thank god it's all over and I got my beautiful bag!

It's quite a bit smaller than I thought, though. I thought this was the PM size, but I guess not? This was the original auction: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=170114179209 So now I'm wondering...is it really GM? Then PM must be small!

Anyways, the color is absolutely GORGEOUS.